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Save Big Dollars With a Bakery POS System

Published Dec 30, 2021 Restaurant
Save Big Dollars With a Bakery POS System
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“Quick Summary” Running a bakery business is not a piece of cake (no pun intended). In addition to the initial investment, hiring reputed bakery chefs, and serving the customers, there are many other challenges that a bakery faces.

What are the challenges faced while running a bakery business? - insufficient cash flow, poor product promotion, inventory shortage, managing multiple bulk orders to name a few.

A bakery POS system can help you overcome many challenges, improve productivity, increase sales and help you provide exceptional customer service. One thing that many may not know is that a POS system can also help you save money.

Whether it is a small bakery or a large one, a POS system can help you save money without compelling you to make a major investment. By now, you must be wondering - HOW? Enough talking. Let’s dive into the details.

Ways In Which a Bakery POS System Can Help You Save Money

1. Lightning-fast Service

If you see your wait staff running around in all directions to find the right table, it looks bad on your part. All the chaos and confusion can lead to accidents resulting in a lost reputation and unhappy customers.

Investing in a reputed, custom bakery POS system will improve overall productivity and staff efficiency. They can serve more customers and deliver orders faster. A bakery POS system is a blessing, especially for online orders. 

The entire process becomes smooth, from receiving orders and entering details into the system to preparation, packaging, and delivery.

2. Controls Unnecessary Expenditure

The best thing about a bakery POS system is that it helps you monitor real-time inventory. Apart from anticipating the demand for certain products, a POS allows you to track the availability of ingredients.

No more embarrassment in front of customers because you ran out of stock (raw materials and food items). Secondly, you can minimize the chances of food wastage because everything would be stocked in the right quantities.

3. Reduced Labor Costs

A bakery POS greatly reduces manual work and automates tasks. No longer do you have to assign multiple people for one task. An employee can manage numerous tasks at the click of a button.

Secondly, overstaffing increases your overhead expenditure, while understaffing will put unnecessary pressure on existing staff, resulting in poor service and an unhealthy work environment. Even customers will complain about the quality of service.

Ensure that none of the above happens by deploying a bakery POS system. Only the required number of staff should be present at the bakery premises.

Program your POS system to spontaneously generate schedules, purchase orders and manage inventory, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks. 

Your bakery POS system can only do so much. Train your staff and prepare them for multitasking. Implement cross-training and upskilling sessions where staff can learn how to fill in for absent employees. 

In this way, you can make the most of your resources, maintain present production levels without sacrificing quality. Slash labor costs and streamline every aspect of your business while monitoring employee activity - do this and a lot more with a bakery POS system.

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4. Tax Compliance

Earning profits and boosting productivity is good, but it is also important to work as per the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction. The best POS system for your bakery enables you to comply with the local tax regulations and ensures the accuracy of your calculations.

Secondly, a bakery POS system also seamlessly integrates with CRM tools, loyalty programs, third-party delivery partners, and others. Such useful measures will help your bakery retain loyal customers and acquire new ones.

5. Reduced Possibility of Theft

Theft is a common problem in many establishments. Be it restaurants, takeaways, retail stores, bars, liquor stores, or bakeries; every business has experienced theft at one point or another.

You need to keep an eye out for shoplifters and mischievous employees who may steal stuff from your bakery. Want to stop it from happening? Buy a high-quality POS system that updates you with real-time sales, inventory and generates other insightful reports.

Since every employee has to enter their details before operating the POS system, you will know who’s performing what task. Hence, you will always know what is happening at your bakery. In case of any discrepancies, you can examine the records and find out what happened.

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Wrapping Up…

Regardless of how many years pass, your bakery business will experience ups and downs. Your customer base won’t remain the same; it will either shoot up or plummet. The same goes for sales, revenues, and profits.

As time passes, you will have to update your sales, marketing, and pricing strategies. Why hire a business advisor when you have bakery POS software and hardware at your disposal? Always stay in control with a customized bakery-specific POS system.

The number of incoming orders can vary, depending on the number of sales channels, time of the year, festive occasions, and other factors. You can’t just sit back and expect things to fall into place. 

The best POS software for a bakery does not exist because every business is different. Conduct thorough research and find out what works for your business. If you need any help, OVVI is here at your service. Call us on (346) 767-6884 or reach us at [email protected].