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Ovvi Payroll & Team Management

Simplify Payroll, Manage Employee Attendance & More
Ovvi Payroll & Team Management
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Payroll For Restaurants Made Simple

Uncomplicating Onboarding

Say no to tiresome & exhaustive onboarding process.

Simplify Payroll

Replace chaotic payday with a streamlined approach.

Integrated Team Management

One-stop solution to manage your team across departments.
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Deliver Flawless Onboarding Experiences

With OVVI, it's now easy to acquaint employees with your company's policies and respective teams. Switch to a paperless system for a quick onboarding process.

You can deliver impressive onboarding experiences without drowning your existing staff and the new employees in manual work. More importantly, it will automatically boost your brand image.

Allow the team members to set their profiles through mobile workflows. Employees can also choose how they would like to get paid.

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Revolutionalize The Payroll Day

Managing the payroll process for your company with traditional methods takes a lot of time and is a pretty extensive process. It is time to transform the payday process.

With OVVI's robust Payroll management, you will fall in love with the process and simultaneously do so much more. Now easily manage the financial records of all your employees straightforwardly, including employee's salaries, deductions, conveyance, net pay, bonuses, generation of pay slips, and more.

Pay your employees the correct amount and on time every month.

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Efficient Team Management

To run your business smoothly, you must ensure your teams cooperate and coordinate internally. They are the ones who take care of your retail stores, cafes, etc. and drive sales. Now, to keep the team functioning like cog work, the OVVI POS system proves to be advantageous.

Simplify the day-to-day, track time, build schedules, and communicate effectively. With OVVI, you can also integrate the tip pooling feature and do MORE!

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We offer comprehensive products complimenting OVVI POS that will catapult your business to success.

Ovvi POS

A complete system to meet the ever-increasing needs of your business.

Ovvi Go

Contactless payments, simplify ordering and more. Handheld POS that helps you hustle!

Ovvi Mobile Order & Pay

Offer your customers the convenience of ordering and paying from their seating areas.
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