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Ovvi Gift Cards for Restaurants

Receive higher cash flow for a short period through the online sale of Gift cards.
Ovvi Gift Cards for Restaurants
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Promote Gift Card sales to boost your revenue

  • Digital Gift Cards for online sales.
    The OVVI Online Ordering system allows you to easily sell digital gift cards online by simply placing a button on your website or online ordering site.
  • Digital Gift Cards for offline sales
    Not all your customers would buy gift cards online. Make provision to get customized gift cards created. Ensure the restaurant’s branding is clear and visible on the gift card. Keep them ready for any sale that might trigger.
  • Ensure short-period cash flow caters to your long-term goals.
    Customers who buy goods with their gift card spend more than the card’s value.
  • Insights on Gift Card Sale.
    The OVVI Analytical Report on gift card sales provides daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly information. You can view the historical order summary for each gift card transaction from your OVVI's Analytical Reports.
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Your customers can manage their gift cards

  • Email & SMS-based Gift Cards - Easy to buy, easy to sell. Your guests can purchase email and SMS-based gift cards from you and further email or SMS those gift cards to their friends and family with personalized messages.
  • Customers can schedule the sending of their gift cards. As the gift cards are digital in form, your customers can determine the date and time to send their cards to friends.
  • Redeem your gift card conveniently. Your customers can pay for their food orders using their gift cards. Gift cards can be redeemed over the phone, at the POS, or self-ordering kiosks.
  • Manage your Gift Card balance online. Besides redeeming, customers can check their gift card balance and replenish it with additional value at any time.
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Boost profits with OVVI Gift Cards

  • OVVI Online Ordering OVVI facilitates the online food orders to sync directly to your KDS ensuring accuracy, consistency, and faster delivery.
  • OVVI Point of Sale OVVI POS offers easy redemption of your gift cards through contactless QR code scanning.
  • OVVI Kiosk Swipe it or scan the QR codes at our OVVI Kiosks to easily redeem your Gift Card.
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Delight your guests with OVVI Gift Card

  • Gift Cards in Multiple Modes OVVI Gift Cards come in digital and physical forms. Customers can message (SMS) or email their digital gift card to a friend with a personalized message, while physical gift cards are available for use at OVVI POS or Kiosks.
  • Perfectly Synced Our digital gift cards are perfectly synced with the system. Use them while ordering online or at our restaurant to reap the benefits.
  • Convenience It is simple and convenient for customers to check their gift card balance online from your website or the online ordering portal.
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