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  • Easy to Use POS

    Easy to Use POS

  • 600+ Features & Functionalities

    600+ Features & Functionalities

  • EMV Chip Card Enabled

    EMV Chip Card Enabled

  • Secure & Safe Transactions

    Secure & Safe Transactions

  • 24x7x365 LIVE Tech Support

    24x7x365 LIVE Tech Support

  • Intuitive Pizza Builder

    Intuitive Pizza Builder

  • Delivery Module & Caller ID Integration

    Delivery Module & Caller ID Integration

Essential Business Tools

Order Process

Intuitive menu design allows for easy ordering processes and faster checkouts with multiple split check capabilities.

Hassle Free Employee Management

Manage employee’s hours worked and wages along with permissions and tip features.

Customer Interface

OVVI captures customer information and works with our built in loyalty program. Know your customer's behaviors better, including our unique Allergy feature.

Pizza Builder

Manage and maintain very unique pizza builder modules where you can add multiple sizes, crusts, sauces, and toppings from one screen.

Caller ID Solution

Tracks the customer's caller ID and shows the last 5 orders to help speed up the phone order process.

Live Analytic Reporting

Track and analyze reports and data in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Business Enhancing Solutions

Gift Card

Enhance or start your loyalty and rewards programs with Ovvi's Gift Card & Loyalty Module.

With Ovvi loyalty, turn every guest into a regular. Link customer profiles to built-in loyalty rewards bonus point module. Easily earn rewards points with every purchase. Redeem rewards toward future purchases or free items.

With gift cards, the profit is yours once the card has been purchased. Since gift cards carry rolling balances, the remaining cash remains on the card when a customer partially redeems the gift. This can encourage gift card recipients to become repeat customers for your business.

Whether you have a single store or multi store operations, our gift card platform works seamless in activating, loading and redeeming value across multiple stores.

With Gift Card Solutions from Ovvi, You Can:

  • Realize an immediate increase in profits
  • Create and encourage add-on sales opportunities
  • Broaden your existing customer base
  • Increase brand recognition and your professional image with custom designs

You can order customized gift cards from:

Online Ordering

Streamline your Online, To•Go business, increase sales and build customer loyalty with smarter food ordering software.

Building customer retention and providing customers with the flexibility to access online ordering is essential in today's environment.

Ovvi has an online ordering platform integrated into our POS to help make online ordering seamless for your customers. Business owners get access to a unique URL and can customize their website to their liking. Orders can take place through mobile apps, a website, or a website integration to Ovvi's POS allowing you to keep the revenue flowing.

Accounting and Payroll Integration

Save time while streamlining your operations by integrating your Accounting and Payroll with Ovvi POS.

Ovvi is fully integrated with 10+ Accounting software's which includes

QuickBooks | Sage | Xero | Tally Power of Simplicity | Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

All sales, stock, inventory and product data automatically synchronizes at the end of day or in real time. This saves you time while improving accuracy in the back end of your business operations.

Ovvi is also connected with 10+ payroll processing companies like

ADP | PAYCHEX | Gusto | Zenefits

Our direct payroll integration features a clock in/out function that not only logs the exact hours of each staff member works, but also calculates their gross amounts and tips.

Delivery App integration

Ovvi integrates directly with leading online delivery systems and services to sync order activity across their app and into your kitchen.

Maximize efficiency and counterspace via a single command center queuing your order-to-delivery pipeline.

You've seen the chaos before: a tablet (or three) on every surface and multiple kitchen printers each doing its own thing. With Ovvi, you're in control of the customer experience — and it is always from one simple command center. With Ovvi's unified ecosystem, orders come into our software and then get routed to kitchen printers with one easy layout.

Insights and Analytic reports can showcase data sets like: total customers to total online sales across different delivery apps to gross profits.

100+ Integrations

Clients that collaborate with OVVI

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