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Delivery Integrations with Delivery App Vendors

Serve guests efficiently from diverse locations & avoid double entry with the OVVI Delivery App.
OVVI Delivery App Integration
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Complete journey from order to delivery

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We freely install & configure your system

Experts at OVVI set up your infrastructure and implement the system at zero cost delivering precision and value to your business. They set up and optimize your menus, pricing, and discounts and save you time and money.
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Centrally store your customized menus

OVVI offers a cloud-based platform that makes publishing and managing your menu simple. With your customized menus centralized within the OVVI cloud, you can update your menu with new items, specials, discounts, and seasonal offers across all the devices and locations.
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Flash orders straight to your KDS

With OVVI POS by your side, get rid of managing multiple tablets and stop wasting your time on manual double entries. You can seamlessly integrate your system with OVVI’s direct integration with delivery networks. Doing so will allow orders to flow directly to your OVVI POS and get recorded alongside the rest of your orders. A special bonus: OVVI POS has direct integrations with multiple delivery platforms like Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats and many more.
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OVVI ensures smooth & correct order delivery.

OVVI ensures your orders aren’t missing, delayed, or landing at erroneous destinations. Integration with OVVI’s systematic external delivery network gives your customers - perfect orders at the perfect time. Receive your (recurring) guests with a SMILE.
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