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Simplify Your Salon Management with Ovvi POS System

Streamline management, maximize efficiency, and unleash your salon business's full potential today.
Get the Top Quality POS System for Salon Business | Ovvi
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Need a POS System for Your Salon?

A salon POS system is more crucial than ever for your business, as it lets you better simplify and automate the day-to-day operation. Getting your hands on your OVVI’s POS system helps you save time, manage efficiently, reduce human errors, maintain a customer database, and so much more. You would believe us, but you can get all these features at a very cost-efficient rate.
It is a one-stop solution that helps you better manage your business operations - from anywhere & everywhere. So, whether you want to keep track of your client appointment, handle payments, or control the salon’s inventory - OVVI’s Salon POS system is all you need.
All in all, it brings so much efficiency, speed, and automation to your business - which lets you and your staff focus on other essential tasks.
Ovvi Salon

Key Features of the POS System Tailored to Salons


Appointment Scheduling

With OVVI’s POS system, your clients can easily schedule appointments on the go through an easy-to-use interface. It even provides reminders to customers via their preferred communication mode so they don’t miss out on any appointments.


Inventory Management

Salon businesses also need to deal with a huge inventory, and its efficient management is not easy. OVVI’s POS system keeps track of your inventory and updates about understock, overstock, and outdated products.


Staff Management

To provide effective customer service, you need to manage your staff effectively. And managing staff has become a lot easier with OVVI’s POS system. It lets you track everything about your customers and tap into efficient management.


Client Management

With OVVI’s client management feature, you can track your clients' appointments, their timings, requirements, and other things to manage your resources accordingly to allocate better and drive enhanced customer satisfaction.


Resource Allocation

With OVVI’s POS system, resource allocation is among the crucial features you will get! You can seamlessly allocate resources at the right time as per customers’ customized resources, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.


Multi-Station Support

Multi-Station Support is a notable feature offered by OVVI POS, which allows managers to operate seamlessly across multiple stations & devices. It allows for efficient coordination of all tasks and optimized point-of-sale experience.


Payments Anywhere

Every client and business wants safe, convenient, and secure payments! That’s what we also provide with OVVI’s POS system. Customers get the chance to pay from anywhere and from their preferred payment method.


Customer Database

With OVVI’s salon POS system, you can get access to all the previous details about your customer through a database, which includes details like name, contact details, hair type, skin type, previous services, etc., and offer customized solutions accordingly.


Let Clients Book 24/7

With the digital presence comes the great benefit of being available to your customers anytime and every time. Your customers can access your website and make bookings 24/7, and you will get updates through OVVI’s POS system.


Secure Data Storage

Businesses and Clients both want secure data storage. It saves up crucial business details while also boosting customers’ trust. Through OVVI’s POS system, you can get both with its secure data storage feature.


Analytics and Reporting

You can get detailed and end-to-end analytics along with reporting features for your salon business with OVVI’s retail POS system. Through this analytics and reporting feature, you can efficiently track, compare and make improvements on the go!

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Set Up Your Stylists

Setting up your POS system for hiring and managing stylists is one of its most important features - that helps you fulfill your customer requirements seamlessly while also tracking your resources.

With OVVI’s POS, you can efficiently create profiles for each stylist, listing their skills, availability, and preferences to simplify appointment scheduling. Additionally, you can monitor their performance, track appointments, and manage commissions or incentives seamlessly through the POS system, streamlining your salon's operations and enhancing your stylists' efficiency and satisfaction.

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Back-Office Analytics That Fit in Your Bag

Analytics & reports are at the heart of any business. It helps you keep track of all the necessary data and analytics in a highly convenient manner. Regardless of how many locations you are managing and where you are currently - you can seamlessly track everything at your fingertips.

These analytics and reports help you make data-driven decisions, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth as a whole!

Get the Top-Quality POS System for Salon Businesses!

Who We Serve

OVVI is an end-to-end solution for salons, hair salons, beauty salons, nail salons, barber shops, massage parlors, spas, medical spas, tanning salons, tattoo shops, many more.
Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Hair salons are among the popular types of salons, and have to deal with so many customers on a daily basis. But, with the right retail POS system, they can streamline appointments, manage stylists' schedules, and offer personalized hair-related services.
Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salons provides so many different services to its customers, which makes dealing with customers and staff a challenging task. In this, a feature-rich POS system with best-in-class appointment scheduling, customer database management, and analytics will do the work for you!
Nail Salon

Nail Salon

If you own a nail salon and are looking to streamline your day-to-day operations in an efficient manner, then get your hands on a best-in-class POS system. Its out-of-the-box features, such as inventory management, customer management, etc., will take your business to new heights.
Barber Shop

Barber Shop

Barbers shops are among the busiest type of salons, in which you need to properly track your customers’ appointments and your staff’s availability. In this also, POS software lets you sync appointments and availability in the most convenient way possible.
Massage Parlors

Massage Parlors

The right POS system even helps you optimize your massage parlor's operations. It can help you with quick appointment scheduling, gentle reminders to previous customers after a course of time, managing therapist schedules, and other things seamlessly.


Spa surely does relax your customers. But to relax you from the hassle of managing monotonous tasks and leverage the power of automation, you need to get your hands on feature-rich POS systems & offer customer experience to your clients.
Medical Spa

Medical Spa

When it comes to managing medical spas, you need to keep in mind a lot of things to efficiently manage your customers, specialists, and inventory as a whole! A POS system effectively helps you maintain and track your customer’s data, specialists' availability, customer appointments, and other things.
Tanning Salon

Tanning Salon

Revitalize your tanning salon with OVVI’s intuitive POS software. You can simplify appointments, and reminders, monitor tanning bed availability, and other things to boost customer experience while saving your crucial business resources.
Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Shop

Just like medical spas, tattoo shops also need to keep track of crucial customer information, and a robust POS system will help you add and manage customers’ data seamlessly with utmost security. These features lead to smooth operations & business growth.
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Restaurants are Complex Businesses

Ovvi Restaurant Platform Touches Every Aspect of Restaurant Operations
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Meet Our Salons Advisory Council

Meet our Salons
Advisory Council

OVVI's Salon Advisory Council feeds industry insight into our products that drive Salons efficiency and revenue through an excellent customer experience. They help us create the savviest tools to run your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a POS (Point of Sale) system can incredibly benefit salon businesses. 

Here are some reasons why a POS system is valuable for salons:

  • Efficient Appointment Management: Streamlined scheduling and reduced overbooking.
  • Reduce human resources: When the payments, appointments, and inventory management are automated, it reduces the chances of human resources. 
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Personalized experiences based on customer preferences and history.
  • Accurate Billing and Payments: Reduced errors and smoother checkouts with Retail POS systems.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Insights into sales trends, service popularity, and staff performance can lead to data-driven decisions.
  • Targeted Marketing: Precise promotions based on customer behaviors and purchase history.
  • Enhanced Security: Enhanced [protection of customer data and payment information.
  • Time & Cost Savings: Automating tasks allows staff to focus on quality service provision, saving crucial business resources.

These benefits collectively contribute to improved operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall growth for salon businesses.

OVVI is an all-in-one point of sale for salon businesses that handle everything from managing staff and client appointments to handling payments and inventory management as well.

  • It saves stylists time by providing a free online booking service that allows for 24-hour scheduling. 
  • It provides an exceptional client experience as an integrated solution for processing flexible payment alternatives wherever. 
  • You will get robust team management features, customized commissions, account access controls, and extensive team performance reporting, and it supports growth for salon businesses of all sizes.

Yes, absolutely, you can manage our system remotely. OVVI’s POS system gives you the flexibility to manage your salon business from virtually anywhere, whether you're on the go, away from the salon, or managing multiple locations simultaneously. 

Regardless of your location, you can access crucial information, and critical analytics, oversee appointments, and monitor staff schedules and other crucial tasks. This feature empowers you to stay connected and in control at all times, ensuring seamless management even when you're not physically present at the salon.

Certainly! Our system is designed to integrate with your existing hardware setup seamlessly. Whether you're using computers, tablets, or other devices, our POS software is compatible and adaptable to your current business processes and tools. 

This compatibility ensures a smooth transition to our system without the need for extensive hardware changes. You can make the most of your current technology investments while enjoying the benefits of our advanced POS features, streamlining your salon operations without disruption.

OVVI POS system’s appointment reminder feature provides email and text reminders to ensure your customers are well-informed about upcoming appointments.

Here’s how it works: 

When customers schedule appointments, the system automatically sends them an email and text confirmation. As the appointment date approaches, the system sends out a reminder email and text. 

This message typically includes the appointment date, time, service details, and the salon's contact information. 

By receiving these reminders, customers can better plan their schedules and avoid missing their appointments. 

The appointment reminder feature of the Ovvi HQ Salon POS System is designed to enhance customer communication and reduce no-shows while improving customer satisfaction.

Absolutely! You can efficiently manage multiple salon locations by using OVVI’s feature-rich POS system. With a centralized dashboard, reports, analytics, and database, you can seamlessly monitor appointments, staff schedules, inventory, and everything that’s happening at each salon location from a single platform. It not only saves time but also ensures consistent management and streamlined operations across all your branches.

Customer experience and their data are two things that we never compromise on! Their robust security is a paramount concern for Ovvi. Our POS system is built with advanced security protocols and encryption measures to ensure that all customer data remains safe and secure. 

So, all your customers’ Personal information, booking history, payment details, and other sensitive data are protected. 

Rest assured, your customers' trust is of utmost importance, and Ovvi HQ follows the best industry-standard security practices and takes all necessary steps to maintain the highest level of data security.

Certainly! Our feature-rich, sophisticated POS system can serve as a powerful marketing tool for your salon business. With customer data stored within the system, you can craft personalized marketing campaigns, offer loyalty programs, send automated appointment reminders, gather post-service feedback, and promote seasonal specials or events. 

It even helps you integrate with email and SMS marketing platforms, leading to targeted communication. And social media integration allows for seamless promotion of services, offers, and success stories.

We at OVVI believe in offering best-in-class post-project support to our clients. Our support options include both Call Support and Email Support. If you have any questions or concerns or need assistance, you can reach us at (346) 767-6884 for prompt and personalized help. Additionally, you can even email us at [email protected], and our dedicated team will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.

For further assistance, you can even explore our Resources Section, where you'll find a wide range of helpful materials designed to assist you better. Our resources include comprehensive articles, blogs, FAQs, video tutorials, and more, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to utilize our system effectively. 

At Ovvi HQ, we are fully committed to ensuring our client’s success and satisfaction, and our customer support is here to support you every step of the way.

Absolutely, our POS system can help you with better employee management. It is enriched with robust features to assist you in managing employee commissions and payroll efficiently. You can set up commission structures based on different services or products, ensuring that each employee's earnings are accurately calculated - without any inefficiencies or human errors involved. 

Additionally, our POS system allows you to track sales and performance metrics for each staff member, making it simpler to determine commissions. As for payroll management, our system can generate reports that provide the necessary data for payroll processing, streamlining the payment process for your team. With these features, you can maintain transparency, reward performance, and ensure accurate employee compensation.