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OVVI's Self-Service & Ordering Kiosks

OVVI's self-service kiosks offer fewer queues, high productivity, and a great guest experience.
OVVI's Self-Service & Ordering Kiosks
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OVVI's Self-Service Food Ordering Kiosks: An amazingly simple business partner.

Self-service kiosks from OVVI are convenient to use. Your staff can use these kiosks to enhance their efficiency while the customers can use them to have an awesome experience.

A kiosk is integral to the restaurant’s self-ordering system and delivers tremendous value to customers. A self-service ordering kiosk offers its customers an opportunity to customize the ordered food. They can scroll through different menus, make choices, and even indicate their delivery destination.

Your customers can seek to request food & beverages delivered to their cars, to their auditorium seats, or to a place where you might be able to deliver their order. When you offer such self-serviceable options, your guests will be more than happy to refer your restaurant to friends, family, and relatives.

When customers visit your outlet in groups, OVVI’s self-ordering kiosk gives them the option to split their orders and payments. The major benefit is their order and payment completion at a decent speed. OVVI’s kiosks offer an end-to-end solution to your customers.

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Self-service kiosk - Error-free services

When your order changes hands, there are possibilities of delays and miscommunication during the course. Orders punched into a restaurant's self-service kiosk land directly onto the kitchen display system, eliminating all probable hurdles and errors. This also speeds up your process of completing the orders.

A self-service ordering kiosk for a restaurant is not your employees’ replacement but a very good friend that takes up orders allowing your employees to be efficiently involved in more productive tasks.

As a business owner, you can consider your staff for options like in-time delivery services, physical inventory reconciliation, and special service to your premium customers. A self-service kiosk is an extra hand for your business that ensures high work efficiency even with a smaller team of employees.

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OVVI Kiosk is easy & simple for guests & staff

  • Let your customers make their choice: These kiosks let your customers scroll through various menus and add flavors of their choice using the modifiers and the available add-ons. Let your guests develop the magic of their own.
  • Text updates for their orders: Let your customers track their orders by subscribing to SMS Text updates.
  • Contactless options for your customers: In these hard pandemic times, offering a contactless facility for placing orders and making payments attract people more than anything else. OVVI kiosk has got you covered.
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Communicate well with Ovvi's self-service kiosk

  • Update your Menu - Anytime: Updating your menu has never been so convenient. Update it with your new varieties, schemes, and daily offers anytime. It instantly updates across the network keeping you worry-free and error-free.
  • Orders sync to your KDS: Orders received through self-ordering kiosks sync directly to your kitchen display system (KDS), preventing all possible errors and delays in ordered delivery.
  • Rewards and loyalty benefits: By displaying the benefits on your self-servicing kiosks, you can encourage your guests to enroll in loyalty & reward programs.
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Self-service kiosks enhance front-of-house

  • Improve staff efficiency: When your guests start ordering food through a self-servicing kiosk, your employees can perform other productive tasks and raise their performance bars.
  • No more delays: When the orders from the kiosk land directly in your kitchen, there is no pillar-to-post happening. The overall waiting time for your guest reduces to an immense extent, and he receives almost instant service. The lesser the waiting time, the happier he will be.
  • Enhance your ticket size: You can offer add-ons to your guests with their orders or even upsell food items. This is the best way to enhance ticket size and make your customers feel special.
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We are focused on our guests, and so is our design.

Our kiosk design consists of easy-to-use features keeping our guests in focus. There is no need to navigate elsewhere as the interface has instant add-on buttons, favorites, and add-as-you-scroll buttons. Guests can place their order with the push of a button. Searching for items, scanning them, and weighing them all happen in a few minutes.

All our menu items are well laid (with necessary details) to help our guests discover new offers and daily schemes and place their orders fast and easily.

Increase your profit when your kiosk upsells.

Your OVVI's self-service kiosk software has the magic built into it. Your kiosk has built-in intelligence to understand your customer’s choice/interest and learn from his buying pattern.

It can suggest combos, special offers, add-ons, deals of the day, and even upsells additional food, beverages, and retail items to your customers. All these will bring better profits to your restaurant or retail outlet.

Pay with Peace of Mind

Guests are generally reluctant to pay online through digital modes. The fear of being scammed is a matter of major concern for them. But with a payment system secured with end-to-end encryption without human intervention, matters become easier for your customers.

OVVI kiosks offer digital payments through credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and more. With a self-service kiosk pos system, your guests can pay with their peace of mind.

Avoid long queues and build profits.

People dislike queuing up to place orders and might even stop coming to your store. This is an absolute loss of business. With the OVVI kiosk, long queue is a history. OVVI’s smart self-service food kiosk offers a solution by streamlining the process from placing the order to completing the payment without human intervention.

Now, when this happens with just a few clicks, your guests would be happy to be a part of this system and end up being your recurring customers from occasional ones. OVVI’s kiosks stand true to ADA-compliant standards, offering the same facilities to citizens with disabilities. You may allow customized branding to be displayed at your restaurant or retail store, opening avenues for extra earnings.

Place your orders in an effortless and contactless manner

Allow your guests to place their orders at will. All such orders go directly to your kitchen for preparation. The guests can customize their orders, go for add-ons and take advantage of your daily offers. Make him feel privileged and happy.

Seamlessly integrated

What happens to the orders once they leave your self-service kiosks? They land directly in your kitchen. You don’t need to give manual instructions or make additional entries into your software. Ovvi's self-service kiosk pos system integrates all the operations seamlessly, giving your guests a pleasant output.

Power-packed performance.

With OVVI’s self-ordering kiosk for restaurants:

  • Avoid long queues,
  • Lessen the waiting time,
  • Enhance employees’ productivity,
  • Multi payment options, and
  • Boost your check size.

Take your business online.

Not all would be willing to dine at your restaurant in this fast-paced world. There would be many who would prefer takeouts or takeaways. Why stay low profile with offline business when your restaurant can offer takeouts to your customers online.

Offering them the option to order customized food through mobile apps is a great way to reach a larger audience. Using technology would give a substantial boost to your profit margins and make your customers happy.

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