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Best Restaurant Online Ordering System

Offer your guests the option of requesting a pickup or a direct delivery to their destination with a few clicks at no extra cost. Take charge of your client relations and profit margins today.
Best Restaurant Online Ordering System
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An online ordering system for takeout & deliveries.

  • Boost your profits: Boost your profit margins while strengthening your foundation with our innovative, overhead-free online ordering platform.
  • Build a strong client relationship: Offer your customers a zero-cost option of ordering curbside pickup or direct delivery through your online ordering system
  • Operate with simplicity: Switch to a retail online ordering system that seamlessly integrates with your existing hardware and Point-of-Sale system.
Mobile Order Process

Increase your profits while maintaining a strong base with our innovative fast food automated ordering system.

Mobile Payment Process

Offer your customers a zero-cost option to order curbside pickup or direct delivery through your online ordering system. It will save time and project your efficiency.

Inventory Management with Built in Bar Code Scanner

Switch to a retail online ordering system that seamlessly integrates with your existing hardware and Point-of-Sale system.

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Earn profits with our fast-food ordering system

Boost your Sales

Boost your restaurant sales with offers tailored to your guests' needs. Offer them attractive ways like combo offers, BOGOs, and product or category-specific discounts. While they savor their favorite dishes, this strategy will enhance your sales.

Zero Hidden Cost

Offer your customers the zero-cost option to order curbside pick-ups, contactless deliveries, and takeouts directly from you while your online ordering system ensures decent profits.

Market for Recurring Visits

Increase your inbound marketing efforts to tempt customers into visiting your restaurant frequently. Your pos system with online ordering features can suggest means to increase the number of loyal customers.

Make your Ticket Size Bigger

You can use your real data. Analyzing a customer’s purchase data will reflect his likes and tastes. Recommending a combination of the popular menu items and the customer's likes will ensure a superior dining experience and a larger ticket size.

Order curbside pickup online at zero cost

Offer them a memorable buying experience

People nowadays prefer using their digital gadgets to place their orders. No matter where they are, they can still reorder their favorites, schedule an order delivery, or pick up their food from the same place. As a restaurateur, you can customize the order and offer value to your customers. Make them feel special.

Provide them with zero-cost deliveries

Best quality, superior taste, and in-time delivery add value to your brand. Your customers will truly be happy to receive their food items at their doorstep than commuting to your restaurant. So you must switch to a delivery network of local drivers who can fulfill your food delivery orders on-demand. You pay a standard fee and save your customers from extra delivery costs.

Give them multi-payment options

Customers love visiting a restaurant that offers them multiple payment options. You can’t afford to have limited payment options at your place. Giving them the freedom to pay as they wish without any additional charges will bring a smile. It is this smile that ensures repeat business from your customers.

Project your “Business as a Brand”

Establishing your business as a brand should be your primary goal. Just not your interiors but also your stationery, invoices, menu cards, employees’ uniforms, etc., must reflect your brand. Your digital existence, too, must carry the same brand. Projecting a uniform brand everywhere will develop trust amongst your customers.

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Switch to a retail online ordering system that seamlessly integrates with your existing hardware and Point-of-Sale system.

Place error-free orders

Relax! You can transfer your orders directly to your POS and Kitchen Display System. Manual order entry is a history.

Keep a close watch on your orders

During peak hours, the unrestricted inflow of orders can bring chaos; control it. You can define time slots to receive and restrict orders. If done wisely, your employees will be able to give their best.

Begin your day with a smile:

Operating your online ordering system for restaurants is no more a nightmare. Times have changed and so have the systems. Once installed and integrated with your POS and the rest of the hardware, you simply map your online ordering system with your account. The next step is creating your menu, defining rates, setting up payment options, and assigning role-based access to your managers. Now your system is completely ready to launch.

Easy Menu Management

Gone are the days when you had a tough time managing multiple menus. You simply update your menu within the POS with special discounts, combos, offers, festive offers, bulk deals, and prices. Leave your worries to the best restaurant online ordering system.

Integrate OVVI POS & Delivery App, save huge.


A one-stop point of sale system designed for smooth restaurant operations.

OVVI Delivery App Integration

Partner with OVVI Delivery Networks and deploy our local drivers to fulfill your food delivery orders anytime - anywhere.