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Ovvi’s Kitchen Display System

A powerful device that bridges your kitchen processes to your point of sale system for a flawless kitchen operation.
Ovvi Kitchen Display System
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Monitor your orders

Kitchen staff can receive and monitor pending food orders from the front of the house using this essential feature. You can customize this feature to adjust to your restaurant’s needs. A grid view works perfectly well in fast-food restaurants with no seat charts available.

In addition to offering clear views, a reliable kitchen display system comes with built-in filters that help you categorize orders according to their status. These filters will help you know the pending orders.

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Kitchen Ordering & Ticketing System - The Tough Guy.

Even your kitchen staff requires a powerful yet convenient ticketing system that can display the orders in their right sequence and priorities, helping them stay on top of the food orders that must be served to the guests. Therefore, having timers on tickets goes a long way in alerting the kitchen if a table is waiting too long for its food.

Your KDS system can direct the ticket to the appropriate kitchen preparation point if you have a large kitchen with multiple preparation points. This feature works best when you need to speed up the order fulfillment process yet ensure that your tickets don't get lost in the crowd.

Suppose you have a VIP, dignitary, or public figure at your restaurant. You can prioritize their order in your Kitchen Ordering & Ticketing System. Doing so will grant an upper hand to your kitchen staff in handling such orders professionally.

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Ready-Order Screen

In most cases, slow service from the kitchen is responsible for bad/negative reviews for any restaurant.

An effective way to deal with this problem is to use the ready-order screen. The ready-order screen displays the status of your guest’s order. If you set up this level of transparency, you receive 2 benefits: Meet your customer’s expectations in time and ease the tension generated. This facility, if used correctly, can uplift your credit.

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Integrate POS With KDS

In most cases, slow service from the kitchen is responsible for bad/negative reviews for any restaurant.

Integrating POS with your Kitchen Display System or Kitchen Management System is the need of the hour. If these two systems don’t work well together, your business will be in hot waters. The major benefit of integrating these two systems is that your business can perform efficiently offline and online. Online orders received by your POS get directed straight to your Kitchen Management System. This prevents confusion and saves precious time.

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Heat Resistant Devices

Besides being messy, kitchens heat up greatly. Hence, all the devices used in your kitchen area must have a superior build quality and be heat and dust-resistant. The heat generated from large industrial ovens, OTGs, microwaves, cooking pans, huge grillers, and stoves can seriously damage and disrupt your electronic equipment like computers, kitchen printers, and kitchen display systems. OVVI offers heat-resistant grade devices for your kitchen.

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A Commercial-Grade System Build To Withstand Your Kitchen's Heat.

  • Heat-resistant kitchen hardware: Kitchen hardware by OVVI is designed to withstand higher temperatures and provide superior durability in your kitchen environment.
  • Screens to match your varying size needs: No matter where you mount, OVVI-KDS keeps your order On-Sight, On-Track.
  • OVVI’s Seamless Integration: Your KDS receives instant orders as soon as your guest completes ordering through your self-ordering kiosks. This facility helps the kitchen staff to start working on orders without much ado.
  • Combine your Ordering Channels: Your OVVI KDS can assimilate your orders from kiosks, online ordering, and third-party channels.

Great visibility helps kitchen staff cook excellent meals

  • Systematic display of orders throughout the day: Your kitchen staff must invest their productive time in preparing tasty food and not in managing tickets. Leave your ticket management worries to OVVI’s efficient system.
  • Ovvi’s devices support multiple languages: OVVI customizes item names in multiple languages.
  • Direct orders to preparation points: Why let your orders land at the wrong point? Manage your takeaways, dine-in, deliveries, and 3rd party channel orders smoothly with OVVI smart logic by directing them to their accurate preparation point.
  • Kitchen production insights: Use these insights to examine the ticket timer for each preparation point and identify its inefficiency.

Deliver memorable customer experience with OVVI's technology.

  • Alerts for your guests: Send a simple message (SMS) or an in-app notification informing your guests when their food order is ready.
  • Automatic heating based on the preparation time: Let all the ordered food items carry the adequate temperature when served or delivered. Here the system’s logic works automatically toward providing hot & fresh food.
  • Your tickets are trackable: OVVI’s system doesn’t allow you to misplace or forget your digital tickets. Fulfilling the order is the only way to resolve your tickets.
  • Modify with color codes: Mention the details about the modifications done and allergens used in the front and center area of the dishes. Offer this vital information to your guests to avoid dishes from returning.

Benefits of deploying KDS at your restaurant


Having a Kitchen Display System in your restaurant can significantly improve your operational efficiency and increase revenue for your business, improve customer service, reduce food waste, and even help with kitchen staff management.


Traditional paper tickets are prone to get misplaced or mishandled in the hustle and bustle of a restaurant. Handwritten orders can be misread or miscommunicated, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.


If you record your orders digitally, you can accurately account for them. In addition, kitchen staff can quickly determine which tickets require their full attention.


As an added benefit, Kitchen Display Systems eliminate the need for servers to pass order tickets to the kitchen, thus speeding up service. Directing the orders to the relevant preparation points will ensure that the prepared food is sent to the right place because every second is precious.


It is even more beneficial for restaurants with complicated menus and multiple-course offerings to have a kitchen display system. In practice, the server or POS is responsible for timing the flow of food. A human error can naturally occur when this is performed manually over multiple tables. KDS simplifies the process of planning and implementing a multicourse meal by timing the event. KDS handles the rest of the order after the servers enter it into the POS.


Following a pre-configured service routine and an accurate cooking time for each dish will ensure that every order is ready on time. It also ensures that dishes are served promptly and have the right temperature. Restaurants of all types can benefit from this automatic delay feature.


A kitchen display system can help you run your kitchen more easily and efficiently. As a result, there would be fewer returns, frustrations, and arguments. Every appreciation will boost the morale of your team members since it confirms that they are providing extraordinary food and service to their customers.


The Kitchen Management System empowers the KDS at your restaurant facility. A kitchen management system understands your kitchen's bottlenecks and accordingly manages resources. You can use the information extracted from your KDS to measure the average time your kitchen takes to deliver food. This insightful information helps you uncover your kitchen's limitations or bottlenecks that you need to accept and improve upon while delivering quality food without sacrificing your service or waiting times.

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Flourish your restaurant business with OVVI's most innovative and simple OVVI GO and OVVI KDS.

Increase your restaurant's efficiency and eliminate errors by directing your takeaway and delivery orders to your KDS. The most effective way to reduce delays in order fulfillment.

Schedule your KDS to send SMS alerts to your guests when their kiosk-based orders are ready for pickup.

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