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Simpler, Friendlier Financial Strategy to Empower Your Restaurant.

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Count On Ovvi Capital to Financially Empower Your Restaurant Business

OVVI Capital offers its qualified retail partners financial aid upto $25,000 so that nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

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Ovvi Capital By the Numbers

Average Loan


Approval Time

4-6 Hours

Renewal Rate


Benefits of Ovvi Capital

Easy Automated Repayment options
No Compounded Interest
No Hidden Fees
Intuitive Dashboard & Reports
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Build your business on OVVI’s platform


Invest your time doing business rather than wasting it after a long application procedure. OVVI wishes to enhance your efficiency through its quick loan application.

  • Apply immediately: Partners can apply for their loan from OVVI Capital almost instantly. There is no need to attach long bank statements.
  • Funding on next Business Day: OVVI has a fast turnaround time regarding loan disbursal. You can expect to receive your loan as fast as the next business day if your loan gets approved. You can infuse the received amount into fueling your business growth.
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We don’t believe in offering you a long set of general terms and conditions; instead, a short, concise, and customized set of agreeable terms will suffice the purpose.

  • Clear and transparent: Charging complex fees at various stages of your loan application followed by late fees or additional interest is not our way of dealing with you. We charge a flat fee at a fixed rate making your life simpler. We insist you stay focused on your business and not worry about repayments.
  • We believe you: We trust our partners and their business skills. We don’t expect you to pledge your personal asset. Receive hassle-free funding from OVVI Capital to power up your restaurant or retail business.
  • Credit Score is not the bottom line: We assess your business on different parameters when you apply for a loan. We consider your business history, the type of business sector you are into, and the effect of seasons on your business. We estimate the best and worst periods of the year and support you in your difficult times so that you can propel your business to success.
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Adaptable Repayment

We offer adaptable repayment schedules that match your daily cash flow.

  • Automatic payback: Your payback is a predefined flat percentage of your daily sales through a credit card. With OVVI Capital’s system, leave your worries about managing your repayment with other bills. It is that simple yet accurate.
  • Payback syncs with cash flow: Your cash flow isn’t uniform on all days. Your payback syncs with your cash flow. You pay higher when your card sales go up and less when it falls.
  • No Cost Prepayments: You are welcome to pay back your loan balance in advance without extra charges. You automatically pay back your outstanding loan daily when your customers pay with their Credit Cards at your retail store or restaurant. Isn’t that easy?
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