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Place tableside orders & pay with OVVI's tablet

OVVI's tablet for tableside orders & payment improves service, customers' safety & reduces labor.
Place tableside orders & pay with OVVI's tablet
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OVVI Tableside Ordering and Payment Solution

OVVI POS is an innovative, fully-featured mobile point-of-sale solution for Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones. Whether you run a casual service restaurant, a food truck, or serve drinks & liquor by a hotel pool or club-side, OVVI POS is a great solution for tableside ordering and receiving payments. Having OVVI POS by your side improves your sales figures and upgrades the productivity and efficiency of your wait staff, not to forget about superior customer experience.

Your customers will love to order food and drinks while relaxing at their tables. With such an amazing experience, your guests would love to return to your restaurant regularly. Increased market credit and bigger check size are a few benefits of tableside ordering and payment solutions.

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Handwritten notes are a history

Handwritten notes are a history. With the OVVI POS, servers accept and enter orders digitally on Apple iOS or Android smartphones or tablets. These orders are seamlessly transmitted to the kitchen without getting lost or damaged, reducing human error risk.

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Enhance your average ticket size with add-ons

Now, here is the magic!

The OVVI POS software signals the server to suggest add-ons to the guests that blend with their ordered food items. This helps increase the average check size and ensures customers receive what they want.

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OVVI’s Budget-friendly, Cloud-Based subscription

OVVIPOS is monthly subscription-based POS software backed by its unique cloud-based technology. OVVI POS is sold as Software as a Service (SaaS), hence comes with no upfront software license fees. You don’t need to invest in servers while owning your licenses. Our low-budget monthly subscription fee includes regular maintenance, support for the product, and all future updates.

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Mobile POS for Dine-In Ordering

You can easily adapt to evolving consumer demands and arm your restaurant with mobile technologies without altering your current POS system. Your waitstaff can recommend your guests to place their orders and make payments (using their hand-helds) through the OVVI’s Tableside Ordering and Payment system.

  • Ticket Management System: Your guests or servers can add info to the tickets in real-time..
  • Seamless integration with POS: You don’t need duplicate menus or separate prices. All your menus, relevant prices, and available items sync seamlessly with your POS.
  • Lessen the labor cost: As OVVI’s tableside ordering and payment system automatically functions, you can run the show even with fewer employees, attend to multiple guests, and still save money.
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Smooth Integrations with your present POS

Restaurants can benefit from OVVI's platform, which offers an amazing mobile experience helping your staff meet customers' needs quickly and communicate effectively with each other. You can expand the functionality of your existing mobile system without a huge investment or undertaking the risk of making major alterations to your hardware. With our mobile server, your waitstaff can view and edit guest orders from their handheld devices or tablets without reaching out to the nearby terminal station.

OVVI’s mobile platform integrates directly with your existing setup. As a result, you get:

  • The live (updated) menu.
  • A Mobile POS that emulates your existing POS environment.
  • Staff’s adaptation with minimal training
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Multiple modes of payment

When you offer your guests a range of payment options, they will be more than happy to pay through their preferred mode. OVVIpay facilitates restaurants by offering secured and in-store payment modes like Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more to their guests.

  • Offline payment processing mode – Process your payments even while your restaurant isn't connected to the internet.
  • Backed by EMV & NFC technologies to provide a secured payment environment – Enjoy contactless payments with OVVIpay.
  • We are PCI compliant – OVVIpay provides a complete service platform for payment processing that complies with PCI DSS standards.
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