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White Label Partner

Build your own brand and offer complete POS solutions to retail, restaurant, and salon business.
Customizable White Label POS Service for Your Business
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Amaze Your Customers With Our White-Label POS Software Development Services!

We will all handle all the behind-the-scenes for your business - right from understanding the customer's needs of manufacturing the best-in-class custom POS system. And you can just simply avoid the hassles of building your products from scratch. You just need to add your brand name and sell it to your customers. (Yes, it’s that simple)
Get the Top-Quality POS System for Salon Businesses!

Why Choose Us?

We are the leading white-label POS software development company with an experienced team of professionals who understands your needs and offer solutions accordingly without you getting involved in the hassles of building anything from scratch.
Brand Integration for a Unique Identity

Tailored Brand Integration for a Unique Identity

Discover the magic of our white-label solutions that allow you to craft your custom POS software just the way you want. Add your logo, pick your brand colors, and tweak functionalities to fit your customer needs.
Your Way for Better Business

Your Price, Your Way for Better Business

Our white-label solutions bring you the power to set your own prices. Consider every factor into account and then opt for the right pricing. The right pricing approach helps you serve the proper pricing for your customers - that's budget-friendly and top-notch.
Brand Integration for a Unique Identity

Effortless Development, Impressive Results

With our white-label solutions, you can skip all the hassles and expenses of developing everything from scratch. With our expertise, you can save time and money while focusing your energy on offering top-class services that go beyond what your customers expect.
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All in One POS System Platforms

We are offering a custom POS system that combines the functionality and excellence of all the platforms in just one place. No more juggling between different software – just seamless operations that boost efficiency and elevate your business.

Benefits of
White Label Software


Complete White Label Package for Seamless Branding

Choose us for a complete white label solution, covering both cloud-based back office along with Windows & Android devices. Customize every aspect to match your brand identity, ensuring a seamless and consistent customer


Top-Level Support at the Core

You're not just a user but a provider. Offer your customers first-level support, enhancing your brand's credibility and customer satisfaction. Our platform helps you to address your customer’s concerns promptly and efficiently.


Comprehensive Training and Support Resources

We didn’t leave you hanging after offering the products; we also offer robust post-product support. You can quickly gain access to an extensive training and support resource hub. You can avail all the knowledge and tools needed to excel in handling white-label POS software and customer support.


End-to-End Hardware and Deployment Assistance

An advantages extend beyond software. When you partner with us, you can benefit from our complete hardware solutions and deployment tools, which help you significantly streamline your setup process. With our support, you can ensure a hassle-free launch while maintaining smooth operations of your custom POS system.

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Incredibly Robust Features

Discover the power of our incredibly robust white-label POS software, developed to excel in even the most challenging times. Count on seamless operations, efficient management, and unwavering reliability to elevate your business without compromise.

A Plethora of Features: Over 600 and Counting

Our white-label POS solution isn't just comprehensive; it's expansive. With a whopping 600+ features at your fingertips, you can handle your business operations effortlessly. From sales to inventory and beyond, we've got you covered.

Versatile Across Multiple Industries

Unleash the potential of our multi-vertical software that adapts to various industries seamlessly. Whether you're in the restaurant, retail, or salon business, our solution offers tailored functionality to match your unique needs.

Go Global With Multi-Store and Multi-Language Capabilities

Elevate your business to new heights with our multi-store and multi-language capabilities. Seamlessly manage multiple locations while catering to diverse customer bases around the world.
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Elevate Your Brand's Commerce Potential

Our cloud-based platform stands as the pinnacle of end-to-end business capabilities, tailored meticulously for retailers, restaurants and salons. We understand that your brand's identity and uniqueness are paramount, which is why we offers a versatile solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your business framework.

OVVI Solution

Your Business Ecosystem

We've gone beyond product creation; we've engineered an interconnected ecosystem designed to harmonize every facet of your operations. This isn't just about efficiency – it's about a unified vision. By synchronizing elements seamlessly, we not only safeguard your invaluable business resources but also catalyze productivity to unprecedented heights. Experience the transformation as your business achieves a new pinnacle of streamlined excellence
Your Business Ecosystem
Your Unique Brand
Our White-Label Solutions!
Let’s Create Magic Together.
Our White-Label Solutions