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Grow with OVVI-certified tech partners.

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Grow with OVVI-certified tech partners.
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POS Ecosystems

OVVI POS's extensive integration partnerships with multiple vendors create a system to help manage sales and other aspects of your business, including restaurants, retail stores, salons, etc. The multi-faceted approach to organizing, sustaining sales and streamlining the payment processes.

Our long-term partnership supplements our experience and skills in delivering the best to our customers. From providing your business with a great customer experience to enabling optimation throughout your business, we do it all.

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What are the Systems for Your Business?

Our POS system comprises proprietary applications, partners, and third-party company solutions. These incorporate payment solutions, cash register systems, mobile and self-service applications, and systems for managing loyalty and promotions.

We accommodate different functionalities that sync with our customers’ profiles and local market legal requirements. At OVVI, we systematize the execution and maintenance process of the services we provide.

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Our clients deserve a great POS Ecosystem

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If you share our goal to make the business owners in the retail and hospitality industry thrive, we should partner up.

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