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Keep Multiple
Outlets In Sync.

Creating reliable POS System for coordinated Multi-store management for retail stores and restaurants.
Ovvi Multi Store Management
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Get all your POS resources at one stop

Our intelligent multi-store management software allows businesses to cater to personalized menus according to store locations. According to specific markets, owners can customize the prices of products, allot responsibility to employees and manage orders on priority. Know what is happening all the time around all your stores with remote management.

POS System allows businesses to record customer shopping experiences to help make changes according to customer feedback.

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A holistic view of your business

Manage your inventory across all branches. Keep track of orders and check product availability in multiple stores. Get insights to map product performance across multiple locations and create categories to segregate items based on demand and supply. The POS software also enables business owners to tally transactions over the system and eliminates the process of maintaining a physical register. All features in single accounting software for multiple locations.

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Stay ahead of the competitors

Create templates of new or existing processes to ease the setup of recent locations. Establish a communication channel with multi-store retail management software between primary and secondary branches. Simplify operations with technology by understanding consumer behaviour to make future strategies. Run customer loyalty programs in different stores and analyse data from POS. Rolling out promotional offers and sales is seemingly easy for businesses in other demographics.

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