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Systematic POS Solutions for Enterprise

OVVI customizes long-term point of sale solutions that enables enterprises to achieve their business & commercial goals.
Systematic POS Solutions for Enterprise
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Keeping up with technology

We are entering a new era of transactions, and customers hate the hassle of cash transactions. Digital payments are the new trend, and we help you upgrade to the latest POS payment management systems and stay ahead of your competition. As they say, convenience brings customers.
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Master the art of Coordination

Coordination is a crucial element when running a business. When you coordinate between multiple branches, there is no scope for error. We ensure your brand is on the same page on all fronts by deploying our enterprise POS systems.
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Dive into the analytics

Our enterprise POS software not just eases the process of transactions but also assists enterprises in analyzing sales and product performance on a regular basis. Based on the insights provided, Enterprises can identify buying patterns to cater to customer needs with more customized options. The Software also builds profiles to segregate customers into different spending categories.
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OVVI’s Powerful API Partner Network allows easy integration with third-party apps. Presently OVVI offers direct integration with more than 25 delivery partners. API Integration is a necessary function that helps enterprises to create more visibility and removes the probability of manual errors.
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Ensure smooth functioning of your multi-location business with OVVI enterprise POS systems. OVVI helps you run a strategic workflow and streamline the hiring process for other locations. Tasks like scheduling, product promotions, and staff evaluations can now be done from a single site.
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Worried about the security of transactions? Our systems are encrypted to protect consumer information and keep business data confidential. Also designed to update automatically to the latest software, security is our enterprise POS systems’ top priority.
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Data Insights play a critical role in scaling a business. OVVI’s enterprise POS systems observe consumer purchasing behavior to give business owners a detailed analysis of buying patterns. These insights assist enterprises in developing personalized customer engagement solutions.
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