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Back of the House Management Globally

Ease menu & POS settings management. Close watch on clock-ins & outs. Run back-of-the-house reports from any device with ease.
Manage Your Back of the House Globally, Anytime - Anywhere
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The Kitchen Story

  • Send food items directly to the kitchen printers.
  • Update inventory counts in real-time.
  • Integrate seamlessly with OVVI Tab and OVVI KDS.
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Manage your Menu on the Fly

  • Access your POS and Online Ordering Menu globally and amend them anytime, anywhere.
  • Access your menu through the POS or the cloud and easily change your categories, food items, and modifiers.
  • OVVI offers exhaustive reports on the categories, food items, and modifiers that sell the most and those that need an extra push.
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Reports and Insights

  • Cost of Goods Sold: This report displays your earnings viz-a-viz the cost incurred to generate sales.
  • Profitability Points: Analyze this report to determine the profitability of your restaurant, bar, casual dine-in rooms, or cafeteria. Have a look at your financial health.
  • Tax Liability: This report briefs you on the taxes you pay for your employees, taxes on your purchase, and your sales.
  • Flawless Customization: Use filters to segregate your data and switch between different data ranges to understand your business better. Download the data for the future or email it to your accounts team.
  • Accounting Integrations: OVVI offers powerful integrations with the world’s leading accounting apps like QuickBooks, Xero, Tally, and Sage.
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Inventory Management

  • Monitor your stock items to inform your servers if an item is low on quantity or has gone stale and must be discarded.
  • OVVI provides detailed inventory reports to help you check your item and ingredient levels.
  • Make critical financial decisions based on our advanced budgeting utilities and the Profit & Loss reports.
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Staff Management

  • Labor-Management Expenses: OVVI POS offers the platform to run your payroll reports. Get insights into all the labor expenses incurred.
  • Your Sales against Labor Expense: Check out this report before you hire new staff. Do you need one or can you manage your present staff productively to hike your profits?
  • Employees’ Timesheet: OVVI helps you closely watch employees’ clock-in/out.
  • Create Employee-Shift Balance: Our employee management tool comes in handy when you wish to balance your employees amongst your shifts in response to the sales generated in each shift.
  • Email Time Sheets: Email your employees’ time sheets directly to your payroll processing team or yourself.
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OVVI’s KDS - Kitchen Empowerment

  • Order fulfillment on two taps while recall on one tap.
  • In sync with all received orders.
  • Fire with your preparation time.
  • Use color-coded modifiers to display the allergens.
  • Send orders to the right preparation points based on Dine-in or Takeaway.
  • Message (SMS) your guests when their food order is ready.
  • Receive reports to know the food preparation speeds at each preparation point.
  • Supports multiple foreign languages.
  • Electronic devices are made from restaurant-grade heat, dirt, and temperature-resistant hardware.
  • Seamlessly integrates with OVVI Kiosk, OVVI Go, and OVVI Tab.
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Manage multiple menus with the Multi-Location module.

  • One-Point access to all your restaurant locations.
  • Define void, payout, and discount variables for your menu items.
  • Make precise settings for operational ease.
  • Generate reports for all your branches located globally.
  • Multi-format frameworks for your restaurant.
  • Define role-based access for your employees at multiple locations.
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Create proper menu items, lower costs & hike profits with OVVI Inventory data.

  • Centralized Repository for Inventory Data.
  • Customize your Menu to get maximum profitability.
  • Reporting for inconsistency.
  • Get your hands on the exact Cost of Goods Sold using our COGS reports.
  • The report on the valuation of stock items on shelves will show you those that sell and do not.
  • This data will help you track food waste at your restaurant and suggest ways to reduce it.
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