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Ovvi All-In-One Smoke Shop POS System

Reliable smoke shop POS system for all of your shop's needs.
Smoke Shops

OVVI POS for Smoke Shop

Grow your retail tobacco and accessories business with OVVI’s Smoke Shop POS system.
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Employee Level Permissions

A retail business depends on its stock and inventory at large. There are high chances of your employees mishandling your stocks. You can define employee-level permissions with Ovvi’s all-in-one Smoke Shop POS System.

You can ensure the safety of your stock with detailed employee reports and individualized permission levels. You can access unlimited user profiles with every subscription. Create user profiles of your choice and map your employees under the relevant profile. You don’t need to stop at creating user profiles. Move ahead and customize each profile.

Determine the rights and privileges you wish to allow for different team members. Consider the restrictions each profile would carry. This would help you minimize the risk arising from mismanagement of your goods. Deploying the OVVI Smoke Shop POS System at your store and aligning it with certain pre-defined norms will add an extra layer of security.

Employee Level Permissions

Manage Inventory with ease

A significant aspect of operating your tobacco shop is keeping your inventory current. It is fairly common for tobacco stores to carry a large inventory, of which a few items are sourced from overseas locations.

If this relates to your business, you will need a robust and proficient inventory management system to manage and keep track of every stock item. OVVI POS automates your purchases, manages your vendors, offers you stock-level notifications, and generates detailed sales insights. Putting all these together will help you know where your business stands and where you envision it in the future.

Manage Inventory with ease

Products and Sales Insights

OVVI Smoke Shop POS system analyzes data for detailed reports on key performance indicators (KPIs). This outcome provides a lifesize picture of your business's performance. By analyzing sales on parameters like items, times, promotions, etc., the system gives you a thorough understanding of your products.

This cloud-based smoke shop POS reporting system provides you with a wealth of information to help your business grow. A Vape Shop Point of Sale System from OVVI bestows strength to your retail business and adds value to your profits.

Products and Sales Insights

Reward Your Loyal Customers

With a customer-centric approach, most of your customers become regular ones. Most of them return several times a week. It's time to appreciate and reward such loyal customers. OVVI Tobacco Store POS System creates a customer database. This customer database carries their names, contact numbers, purchase types & amounts, and frequency of visits. All these parameters become the foundation of calculating customer loyalty points.

Whenever a customer returns, inform him of his earned loyalty points. He can redeem these points against a purchase. Reward him with a special discount, a gift, or a coupon voucher as a token of appreciation. This will make him feel special. All OVVI subscriptions come with a loyalty points module.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Salient Features of your Smoke Shop POS System

Once released, updates get automatically applied to your tobacco accessories shop system. A flat-rate monthly subscription ensures your store stays updated with the latest features. Regularly updating your POS system keeps it running smoothly. Vape Shop Point of Sale Systems by OVVI come with transparency, affordability, and simplicity.

Salient Features of your Smoke Shop POS System

A Few Features to Look for


A cloud-based point of sale system for smoke shops


Supports automated order processing


Easy Inventory Tracking & Management


Notification when stock is low & needs reordering


Integration with various payment systems


Selection from multiple payment processors


Shift reports for employees


Security & Fraud Prevention module


Seamless Integration with accounting software


Rewards and Loyalty Programs for customers


The system prompts for Age Verification


Syncs up with Multi-Location outlets


Easy Franchise outlets management


Counting and organizing inventory from cartons and packs

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Access your
Multi-Locations outlets

As a business owner, you have a lot of travel, and keeping a constant watch (physically) on all your multi-location outlets is a major challenge. OVVI connects all your smoke shop outlets through its cloud-based POS software.

This software helps manage inventory and generate sales reports from each location. Using this technology, you can operate your business anywhere and anytime. You can witness exponential business growth without limiting your boundaries.

Access your Multi-Locations outlets

Transparent Fee Structure with no contractual commitment

Operating a business and making it successful requires any entrepreneur to undergo a series of complicated procedures. He also needs to make the right decision in the most complex situations. OVVI has therefore designed solutions to make life simpler.

A business owner's biggest challenge is to choose from the complex pricing structure and subscription plans while buying POS for his establishment. OVVI believes in offering its partners flat and transparent fees. OVVI doesn't expect them to sign a long-term contract; hence all its subscriptions are renewed month-on-month.

Transparent Fee Structure with no contractual commitment

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OVVI is a leading restaurant-tech company encompassing suits of products for fine dining restaurants, pubs, cafes, hotels, and cloud kitchens. Our products are developed to realize higher revenue along with streamlining operations. With an integrated CRM, you have an ease of operation while allowing a different level of customer experience.
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Build your business on OVVI’s platform

All in One POS

Ovvi manufacturers its own POS solutions. Our All in one POS system which comes with 15.6” Touch Screen Wide screen display, Built in Thermal printer and 10” Customer display(optional) in the back. This sleek and savvy unit takes very little counter space, and the white/black color design looks very modern.

POS System

Ovvi Go Tabs

Take advantage of Ovvi’s mobile Tab solution that enables tables side ordering and payments.

  • Full POS mode – Menus
  • Table Layout
  • Accepts EMV/NFC Payments
  • Accepts Tips and split payments
  • Prints Receipts
  • Cash Discounting Available
POS System

Self Ordering Kiosk

  • 21.5” portrait mode - fully autonomous self ordering Kiosk mode.
  • Comes in Floor standing and table setup
  • Customized self-ordering screen
  • Ability to place orders and payments from the kiosk
POS System

Label Maker – Printer

  • State of Art Label Printer
  • Prints labels in multiple sizes
  • Prints 200 labels / minute
  • Connectivity USB, Ethernet
POS System
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