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Unlock Your Retail Success With the Premier CBD Store POS System

Boost your CBD store with OVVI's cutting-edge POS tailored for CBD, transparent pricing, and seamless integration.
CBD Store POS System
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Elevate Your CBD Store’s Efficiency Today!

Elevate Your CBD Store’s Efficiency Today!

OVVI’s POS system is tailor-made for CBD retailers, providing seamless management of inventory, sales, customer interactions, and reporting. Its user-friendly interface ensures simplicity and quick adaptability, allowing your employees to be operational within minutes.
Enjoy the convenience of real-time access to your store's comprehensive data and sales reports from any internet-connected device. This solution offers clear control over your store's operations, saving you time, money, and unnecessary hassles.
For a smart and efficient choice that enhances the management of your CBD store, OVVI' POS is the optimal solution.

Why CBD Businesses are Turning Towards POS Systems?

In the dynamic landscape of the CBD industry, the necessity for a robust and feature-rich POS system is quite evident. A specialized POS system is integral for CBD businesses aiming to navigate complexities, ensure compliance, and thrive in an ever-expanding market.
Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

A specialized POS system for CBD businesses is essential to navigate the intricate web of regulations, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and mitigating the risk of compliance-related challenges.
Efficient Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory Management

Robust POS systems enable CBD businesses to efficiently manage diverse product variants, sizes, and flavors, providing a seamless process for tracking, updating, and controlling inventory levels.
Enhanced Customer Experiences

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Feature-rich POS systems elevate customer interactions, offering smooth transactions, personalized recommendations, and swift self-checkouts. It enhances overall customer satisfaction and loyalty in the competitive CBD market.
Real-Time Sales Insights

Real-Time Sales Insights

A comprehensive POS system provides real-time insights into sales data, allowing CBD businesses to make informed decisions, identify top-selling products, and adapt their strategies for optimal revenue generation.
Streamlined Operational Efficiency

Streamlined Operational Efficiency

The features integrated into a robust POS system streamline day-to-day operations, from managing appointments to handling payments, reducing manual efforts, and improving the overall efficiency of CBD businesses.
Adaptability to Industry Growth

Adaptability to Industry Growth

As the CBD industry experiences rapid growth, a feature-rich POS system ensures adaptability to evolving market trends and customer expectations, positioning CBD businesses to stay competitive and thrive in a dynamic market landscape.
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What You Will Be Getting With Our POS System The Features Unveiled!

In the evolving business landscape, POS systems are gaining widespread popularity for their ability to streamline processes across industries. As CBD gains popularity, a tailored POS system becomes indispensable, offering efficient inventory management and a seamless customer experience.

One-Stop Universal Solution

Streamline your business operations by seamlessly integrating all your data into one unified system. Our CBD POS system supports swift product identification through various parameters such as name, ID, SKU, or barcode, facilitating quick and efficient searches.

  • Experience real-time synchronization of inventory across multiple locations, providing a centralized and comprehensive view.
  • With our system, gain valuable insights into the performance of your products, monitor staff efficiency, and understand customer behavior to optimize your business strategies effectively.
  • Elevate your overall business management with synchronized data and actionable analytics.

Customer Convenience at the Core!

Elevate the customer experience with CBD POS through effective customer management, offering personalized interactions with exclusive product recommendations.

  • Our system enables stress-free self-checkout, enhancing efficiency and reducing wait times.
  • Empower customers with the convenience of self-shopping by simply scanning QR codes using their mobile devices.
  • Seamless integration of technology to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the overall shopping experience.

End-to-End Inventory Management

Elevate the efficiency of your CBD store with a robust, centralized POS system designed to streamline stock tracking and reordering. Our system enables the seamless organization and tracking of products, customers, and orders - all together!

  • Effortlessly monitor stock levels and enhance inventory replenishment through automated reordering and setting minimum/maximum levels.
  • Receive timely alerts when inventory levels dip, ensuring proactive management. Keep precise track of product movements between stores and warehouses, while managing multiple product variants such as sizes, colors, and flavors.
  • With barcode support, experience swift and hassle-free product scanning for optimized stock control and efficient operations.

Compliant With Security!

Acknowledging the importance of adherence to local and federal laws in operating a CBD shop, our CBD POS software is equipped with features designed to ensure compliance.

  • It has built-in age verification functionalities, you can seamlessly uphold legal requirements, fostering a responsible business environment.
  • You can even manage all the legal documents with the help of our POS system for records and better management.
  • Our POS system is equipped with robust security features that will safeguard both your business and customer data, without the distractions of compliance concerns.

It Helps You With Marketing!

OVVI’s POS system can help you tap into customized marketing for your CBD store. With this, you can seamlessly revitalize your product promotion and sales endeavors, leveraging powerful marketing strategies. It allows you to elevate your promotional game with a personalized approach and drive sales.

  • With our one-of-a-kind POS system, you can craft custom landing pages dedicated to online promotions leading to increased sales & revenue.
  • Harness the potential of personalized messages, push notifications, and discounts to entice customers to your store.
  • Our system allows for tailored promotions and recommendations along with insightful analytics, to identify the effectiveness of your strategies and enable data-driven decisions.

Better Online-Offline Syncing

Empower your business in the digital realm with OVVI's POS system, facilitating a seamless transition online for enhanced customer accessibility to your company and CBD products. You can significantly elevate your online visibility and management by tapping into the benefits of our POS system.

  • OVVI’s POS system helps you synchronize your inventory effortlessly with your online menu, ensuring accurate and real-time product availability for your customers.
  • Experience the convenience of a fully customized website through our eCommerce integration, allowing customers to effortlessly browse your in-stock selection of hemp and other CBD products.
  • You can effortlessly manage your digital storefront with the user-friendly interface of our POS system.

Why Choose a POS System From OVVI For Your CBD Store?

Choosing the right POS provider is crucial, and OVVI stands out as a leading POS system services provider across diverse industries, including CBD. Our highly personalized POS system for CBD businesses ensures compliance, seamless integration, and efficient operations.

Tailored for CBD Businesses

OVVI's POS system is meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of CBD businesses. With features designed for the unique requirements of the industry, our solution ensures optimal functionality and efficiency for your CBD store.


Feature-Rich Experience

Elevate your employee workflow and customer experience with OVVI's feature-rich POS system. From inventory management to customer interactions, our system provides a comprehensive set of features, enhancing overall operational efficiency and user satisfaction.


No Contracts, Extra Fees, or Surcharges

Experience transparency and cost-effectiveness with OVVI. We believe in simplicity – no binding contracts, no hidden fees, and no surcharges. Our straightforward pricing ensures that you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with our POS services for your CBD store.


Adaptability to Changing Regulations

Rely on OVVI to adapt seamlessly to evolving regulations and customer expectations in the dynamic CBD industry. Our POS system is designed to incorporate changes swiftly, ensuring your business stays compliant and competitive in the ever-shifting regulatory landscape.


Seamless Integration and Compatibility

OVVI's POS system ensures seamless integration and compatibility with various systems. From payment processors to other business tools, our system fosters a hassle-free operational environment, allowing your CBD store to function smoothly without technological constraints.


Effortless Employee Training

Simplify onboarding and daily operations with OVVI's user-friendly POS system. Our intuitive interface ensures that your employees can become proficient within minutes, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity for a seamless and efficient workflow in your CBD store.


Commitment to Technological Advancements

Trust OVVI's commitment to regular updates and technological advancements. Our dedication ensures that your CBD store stays technologically current and competitive. Benefit from the latest features and improvements, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of your POS system.

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Elevate Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction.
Unlock Success with OVVI POS!
Elevate Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction.