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Accounting Integration

Finances are one of the most valuable resources. With POS Accounting Software integration, keep a finger on the pulse of your business.
Accounting Integration
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Your Benefits

Seamless Integration with 30+ Accounting

POS with accounting software integration

Managing finances is a tedious process. A POS system lets you update financial data in real-time and take charge of sales and inventory. You not only save time but also minimize the risk of human error. Specialized accounting software makes it easy to focus on the compliance process and keep the books in balance.

100% Data Accuracy

Manage your ledger accounts, sales, payments, discounts, and taxes efficiently and accurately. Get daily sales receipts, profit and loss reports & more. Avoid duplicacy of entries and make records easily accessible and keep them up for tax purposes.

Flawless Compatibility

The seamless integration between OVVI POS software and Accounting software gives you an advantage in your financial planning. Get a holistic view of your finances to empower your crucial business decisions. Many restaurants are already benefiting from the technology. It is time for you to switch.
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Updated Account Balances in Real-Time

  • Modify accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable
  • automated daily summary of sales
  • Simplify your inventory control.
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Stress-Free Accounting

  • Manage your accounts conveniently
  • Easily sync data for good delivered and in-store sales
  • No need to make manual entries
  • Automated data sync on a daily/weekly basis
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Compatible POS System Integration

  • Choose from most popular accounting tools
  • Simplify the data transfer
  • Seamless workflow across the organization.
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Update Vendor & Customer Information

  • Easily modify vendor and customer data
  • Creditors’ info is constantly updated
  • Decreases chances of billing errors
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