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Improved Reporting - Productive Results

Know what sells; avoid dead inventory. Stock fast-moving goods. Grow business with these reports.
Improved Reporting - Pathway to enhanced productivity and better results
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Comprehensive Reporting Interface

With OVVI’s powerful reporting, monitor your business on the go. OVVI offers a simple yet comprehensive reporting interface to help you connect with your customers. Use OVVI analytical data to monitor your business from anywhere, anytime.

Seamless payment integrations, lead generation, digital branding and marketing, and client management are some of the primary features offered by OVVI. Keep an eye on your loyalty programs to attract more customers.

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A superior reporting system for restaurants

OVVI offers a superior cloud-based reporting system for restaurants and retail outlets. OVVI’s point-of-sale system makes your data available in real-time, even if you go offline. OVVI’s POS stands out from the crowd when it comes to any third-party integration. OVVI’s POS not only improves your productivity but also saves you money.

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A common repository for all your reports

If you are one of those outlets that prefer to sell products online and retail them locally (in-store), switch to OVVI. OVVI POS offers a common repository for all your reports. OVVI imbibes this data to give you comprehensive Sales Reports, Purchase Reports, Cash-flow Reports, and meaningful business insights. Use these insights to your business’s advantage.

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Data in Real-time

Utilize real-time data to your advantage in making critical business decisions and acting to benefit your retail setup.

Cloud-based Reporting System

Cloud-based technology allows you to access your reports universally. Simply use your mobile app, point-of-sale system, or analytical dashboard; you have your reports at the tips of your fingers, anytime, anywhere. Devote your time to other productive and crucial tasks and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

Meaningful Business Insights

Meaningful Business Insights provide retailers with necessary information gathered from different sets of data. This information is the key to saving costs, increasing efficiency, and improving the customer experience for restaurant owners. OVVI’s business insights will play a pivotal role in helping to make landmark decisions.

Reporting for Multiple Locations

Reporting for Multiple Locations is a tool that allows you to view detailed store reports or overview your multiple branches. It also allows you to filter results based on set parameters and define access limits for your employees.

Business Intelligence Reporting Tools for employees

OVVI's Business Intelligence Reporting Tools for employees offers a self-service analytics platform. Your employees can generate reports and gain insights into necessary data. These tools support the creation of customized reports from any business location or department.

Data in Real-Time

With OVVI’s data in real-time, track your sales & purchase, inventory, and finances in real-time. Use this data to know what sells best, when funds get transferred, and your business bottom line without delay.

Know your Customers

This tool from OVVI helps you understand your customer’s behavior. You would be able to know their spending patterns and the frequency at which they visit your store or restaurant. This info will help you serve your customers better and increase your ticket size.

Supports Multiple Devices

OVVI POS supports all digital devices. It is designed to give you a complete restaurant management experience, from reservations to table orientation to order management to guest and staff management. Use any state-of-the-art digital device to enjoy a seamless experience with OVVI.

Power Reporting

As the name suggests, Power Reporting is a power-packed reporting tool that helps you easily create reports. Capture the minutest details from your data to generate reports for all your locations, employees, and stock items. Power Reporting offers you the option to download CSV files. These files serve as the basis of superior bookkeeping.
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