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Loyalty Programs

OVVI Integrated Loyalty System is a guest reward program. Retain your guests and hike your profits
Loyalty Programs
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Restaurateur-Retailer Loyalty Systems

OVVI Integrated Loyalty System is a rewards program for guests visiting your restaurant. Retail and restaurant owners can use the Ovvi Loyalty Program to increase guest frequency and improve service quality. A customer earns and accumulates points against every purchase or order he makes, which he can redeem later for rewards like free appetizers, desserts, or even a free meal. As a business owner, you can use the loyalty program to build a strong customer base, increase footfalls and generate more revenue.

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Boost guest visits & spending with OVVI

In general, loyalty programs increase sales and repeat business for your restaurants. OVVI has created a tool (to calculate) based on real sales data from restaurants and retail outlets. This tool can help you figure out ways to boost your sales. Either use the exact numbers or estimate the times a guest visits your restaurant each year. Determine the number of new members that could sign up each month for the loyalty program during this financial year.

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Swipe your CC, earn points & come on board

  • On-board at checkout screen: Type your email address at checkout to sign-up for the Loyalty Program.

  • Check your reward balance: Members can log in anytime to view their loyalty balance & history.

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OVVI's Loyalty Program - Start instantly

  • Rewards based on Points: Customize your loyalty program, offer sign-up bonuses, and set accumulation and redemption threshold limits. Birthdays and anniversaries deserve special rewards.

  • Fixed monthly fee: We offer a fixed monthly fee to run your loyalty program.

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Serve your returning guests their choice

  • Link your CC to OVVI’s loyalty program: Each credit card swipe promises a flawless accumulation of points. Your guests don't need to carry their loyalty program card or sign in at each visit.

  • Detailed Loyalty Insights: Get detailed insights about your purchases with OVVI’s loyalty reporting system.

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Ovvi Loyalty, POS & guest display ensure success

OVVI Point of Sale

OVVI Point of Sale offers easy redemption of gift vouchers/coupons through contactless QR codes.

OVVI’s Display for Guests

OVVI Display for Guests adds a layer of transparency and simplifies placing their orders.

Benefits of Deploying KDS at your Restaurant


OVVI guarantees a seamless and memorable experience for your guests.


OVVI’s Loyalty program caters to all your business needs while keeping your guests happy.


OVVI's integrated loyalty system is a one-size-fits-all solution for all your payment needs. Offer all the payment modes available to your guests and grow your business exponentially.

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