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Why Do You Need a Customized Bakery POS System?

Published Dec 14, 2021 Restaurant
Why Do You Need a Customized Bakery POS System?
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“Quick Summary” Who does not love baked cookies, biscuits, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods? Most people have fond memories of their favorite neighborhood bakery.

Even though people may have relished the taste of mouth-watering bakery goods, they are largely unaware of the efforts that go into preparing baked goods and meeting customer requirements.

Even if your cakes/pastries are the best in the city, your bakery may not be doing great business. Have you asked yourself why? 

Every customer has different requirements. The same dish might require some modifications. Considering the diversity of ingredients, varying order volume & maintaining consistency requires streamlined management & handling.

How do you make it happen? The answer lies in a Bakery POS system. Managing long queues, catering to specialized orders and bulk requirements becomes easy with a specialized bakery POS. Delivering the ultimate customer experience is what will make customers return.

Many bakery owners make a grave mistake by settling for a generic POS system or relying on manual efforts to manage everything. Either way, it’s a suicidal mission.

This blog will discuss why you need a customized POS system for your bakery and how it can take your business to the next level.

8 Reasons to Invest In a Bakery POS System

1. Bakery POS system

Running a bakery without a POS system is like preparing a chocolate cake without any chocolate. With a bakery POS system, you can punch the order details into the system as soon as you receive the order.

Once the details are entered into the system, the automated kitchen order tickets will be generated and forwarded to the kitchen. Both online and offline orders can be managed through a bakery POS system.

Times have changed. A POS is no longer merely a tool for punching orders, printing receipts, and generating kitchen order tickets. You can do a lot more than that using bakery POS software. We will discuss that as we go further.

2. Order management & integrations

These days, it’s common for bakeries, restaurants, and eateries to have an arrangement with third parties for delivery purposes.

Can you choose to keep it simple by accepting walk-in orders only? Not possible in this day and age. Orders can pour in through different channels like websites, in-house orders, apps, etc.

To maximize profits and build market reputation, you need to satisfy customers while ensuring easy ordering and quick delivery. There are chances of employees goofing up when orders arrive from different channels, more so when you rely solely on manual order-taking techniques.

A bakery POS system comes with a single, interactive dashboard that displays the status of each incoming order which ensures their start and completion without any delays.

3. Online food ordering system

Another good reason to invest in a bakery-specific POS system is that you will experience an increase in order volume. Customers get an option to order directly from your website rather than going through middlemen like food delivery apps.

Moreover, bakery POS software gives you a robust online presence without curtailing your creativity, allowing you to advertise your business and highlight your products/offers/discounts, etc.

Any updates you implement will reflect instantly on the website, leaving no room for misunderstanding or customer dissatisfaction.

4. Customer relationship management

A bakery POS system serves as a secure repository of customer information. Whenever a customer places an order, the details are stored in the system automatically. All the data and analytics can be used to run numerous CRM campaigns.

Knowing what customers want and what they like is always a good thing. Understanding their preferences, you can send them notifications, personalized texts, and emails informing them about new products/arrivals. Loyal customers will keep coming back and bring you more business through word-of-mouth publicity.

5. Finance and accounting

Has your bakery sales improved over the last few months? Which months bring in the most number of walk-ins? Can you name the fastest-selling items on your bakery menu?

Imagine if you had answers to the above questions and more at your fingertips. You can’t take notes for everything. To monitor your bakery’s sales and get access to an extensive range of reports ranging from finance, accounting, sales, marketing, etc., you need a POS system comprising accounting software.

With the help of the accounting tool, you can track sales, monitor stock purchases, and manage inventory effectively.

You can’t adopt a cookie-cutter approach while investing in a bakery POS system. The size, nature of business, and requirements vary even within the bakery industry, so there is nothing called the best POS system for bakeries. 

Consult an expert if you find it difficult to choose the ideal bakery POS system for your business.

6. Employee management

Managing employees is a tough task, especially when some are on holiday or paid leave. You can’t just expect things to fall into place or ask other employees to carry out the tasks of absent employees.

An ideal POS system for a bakery will have an employee management tool to prepare employee roster, plan shifts, help with payroll management, and many other activities.

Every little piece of information will be available in the system. Thus, the chances of errors or miscommunication will be minimized to a large extent.

7. Loyalty management

Customers walking into your bakery will expect the highest quality of service, and you need to meet those expectations, but that is not enough. 

To encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, you need to entice them with exciting offers and discounts.

Giving customers a discount on their favorite pizza, cookies, or cake. The chances are that they will flock to your bakery on festive occasions and celebrations.

8. Bakery data and analytical reports

In business, you enjoy good times and endure hard times. During bad times, you need to revise your strategy and find ways to improve your service and boost sales. Even during good times, you need to find ways to innovate and exceed expectations.

The million-dollar question is - How do you improve your sales, levels of service, and other aspects of your business? Data is the solution to your problems.

A bakery POS software’s analytical & reporting tools will allow you to understand the reason for lagging sales. You can adjust your business strategies for the forthcoming months using the information.

Identifying areas of improvement & taking proactive steps will yield long-term results. The best part about the latest bakery POS systems is that they enable you to access data and reports from various locations and devices.

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In a nutshell

As stated above, each bakery business is unique. Bakeries may receive online orders, walk-ins, wholesale, and even via catering events. Is there a best POS system for small bakeries or large bakeries?

The truth is that a POS that is best for one bakery might not be fruitful for another. An ideal POS software goes beyond mere order taking and payment processing. 

Comprehensive features like delivery management, ingredient-level tracking, and loyalty programs in a bakery POS system help bakery owners enter new markets, minimize costs, and boost sales.

Now that you know what factors you need to consider while choosing the right POS system for your bakery business go out there and make it happen. If you need an experienced pair of eyes to guide you through, OVVI POS is always there for you. For more information, call 346 (767) 6884.