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8 Advantages of a Bakery POS System

Published Dec 24, 2021 Restaurant
8 Advantages of a Bakery POS System
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“Quick Summary” Does your business need a bakery POS system? As a small bakery business or a newly opened bakery, you may be asking yourself the same question. We need to go back a few thousand years in history to get some perspective.

  1. The oldest oven (6500 years old) was discovered in Croatia in 2014.
  2. Bread baking began in ancient Greece in approximately 600 BC.
  3. Egyptians started baking as early as 2500 BC.

During these ancient times, trade and business thrived, prospered but it was not as systematic nowadays plus nobody had heard of POS technology, let alone use it. Things have changed drastically in the last century, though. 

No matter how small your bakery business is, you need a POS system. It helps streamline every aspect of your business while maximizing profits and productivity. 

Any business that does not invest in a POS system will find it hard to manage huge orders and compete with the big players. What are the advantages of investing in bakery POS software? Scroll down, and we will provide you with eight reasons to do so.

8 Reasons to Invest in a POS System For Bakeries

1. Streamlined Operations & Quick Service

Those days are over when cash registers were sufficient to manage brisk-paced businesses. Technology has evolved, and customers have become more demanding. Restaurants, liquor stores/bars, restaurants have embraced POS systems. Why should a bakery be any different?

With the arrival of bakery POS systems, employees don’t have to make repeated trips to the main server to punch orders, print kitchen order tickets and bills. Not to mention the ease in dispersing long queues and taking orders efficiently.

Another important benefit of having a bakery POS system is that it facilitates order prioritization. Bulk orders, custom orders, pre-orders need special attention, but that does not mean you can sit back on regular orders. 

A bakery POS system allows chefs to allocate proper time to bulk orders/pre-orders/special orders without neglecting others. When the order is entered into the system, chefs can start working on it. Smaller orders can be finished quickly, allowing chefs more time for time-consuming orders.

2. Hardware Compatibility

Present-day bakery POS systems are compatible with various devices like smartphones, tablets, Ipads, laptops, and desktop computers. To minimize errors, improve order-taking/serving efficiency, it is best to use mobile POS systems.

Handheld POS systems allow employees to take orders quickly and jot down the details accurately.

3. Increased Sales

People have a tight schedule; traveling and work take up a major chunk of their day. Do you think they would wait 15-20 mins for a cake or pastry?

When you buy a specialized POS system for bakeries, you can complete orders quickly. Moreover, chefs can allocate adequate time to each order, both customized and regular, without compromising quality.

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4. Analytics & Reporting

Get access to analytics and detailed reports about customer preferences, marketing, sales, inventory, and a lot more with a bakery POS system. Maximizing sales, generating revenue, and streamlining bakery operations requires a systematic approach. It is vital to pay attention to analytics.

Find out which item sells the most and identify the poor performers. What’s the peak hour, and on which day do customers pay the most visits? Which food item is most sought after?

Based on the answers to the questions above, you can develop strategies to sell and market your products. Furthermore, you can drop those items that don’t sell much.

The ideal POS bakery software for your business will help your bakery capitalize on your strengths and flush out the weaknesses.

5. Reduced Carbon Footprints

There are many reasons to opt for bakery POS software and hardware, but few people realize that it also benefits the environment. Thanks to a bakery POS, nobody at your bakery will use loose paper chits or diaries to take orders, take notes or remember specific dates.

All the required details would be entered into the system, the chances of errors and oversight would be greatly reduced. Less paper used means the environment is going to thank you. You also take this a step further by issuing digital bills and receipts.

Most importantly, food wastage would be minimized greatly because the POS system’s inventory integration will allow chefs to exercise portion control and ingredients used for each item.

6. Custom Bakery POS

Not all bakeries are the same. Some may deal only in cakes, while others may sell cakes, pastries, muffins, sweetmeats, bread, and many other products. You may even find bakeries that specialize solely in gluten-free, eggless delicacies.

Before investing in a bakery POS system, consider your bakery’s working days/hours, clientele preferences, and other factors. Doing so will streamline your bakery operations and help you serve customers efficiently.

7. Better Co-ordination

Make sure that your bakery POS system is user-friendly. Your employees should have no problem operating it. Your wait staff and front office staff will no longer have to run around and scream the order details for it to be conveyed to the kitchen staff.

When both the front and the kitchen staff work together with proper coordination and communication, customers will receive their orders quickly. Above all, there will be less back and forth, minimal clashes and misunderstandings, creating a favorable working environment.

8. Customer Feedback

Since most of the tasks in your bakery will be automated and simplified due to a bakery POS system, it allows you to devote more time to other activities. Collecting customer feedback is an excellent way to improve your services and streamline operations.

Often we are not aware of our mistakes until someone highlights them. Why wait until it is too late? Gathering feedback from customers gives you an idea about what improvements your bakery needs to make. Based on the feedback provided by your customers, you can develop strategies and bring about positive changes.

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Which is the best POS system for small bakeries and large bakeries? The answer is NONE. Every business is unique, and the same goes for bakeries.

If you want to expand your business in the future and sell a wide variety of items, you need a bakery POS system. The points mentioned above will help choose the right bakery POS system. You may not experience a POS system’s benefits straight away, but you will experience outstanding results over time.

Still confused about the benefits of a bakery POS system or how you could use one to improve your business operations? OVVI is here to help. Call us on (346) 767-6884 or send us an email at [email protected].