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Fast Track your
business with
Ovvi's Smart
POS Solution

Ovvi has partnered with Priority Payments to offer state of art Point of sale solution to Restaurant/Retail Businesses
Fast Track your business with Ovvi Smart POS Solution

#1 most Reliable POS Solution
that keeps your business running

  • Convenience Store
    Convenience Store
  • Liquor Store
    Liquor Store
  • Bakery
  • Clothing Store
    Clothing Store
  • Grocery Store
    Grocery Store
  • Clothing/Shoe Store
    Clothing/Shoe Store
  • Fine Dining
    Fine Dining
  • Quick Service
    Quick Service
  • Bar and Lounge
    Bar and Lounge
  • Frozen Yogurt
    Frozen Yogurt
  • Pizza
  • Food Truck
    Food Truck

Become a Reseller

Top 15 reasons why you
should partner with ovvi?

Reason 1
Ovvi Offers Full Retail &
Restaurant Softwares
  • 600+ Features and Functionality
  • Inventory Management with Recipes
  • Complete Employee Time-clock Management
  • Customer Interface with Loyalty
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Bar Code Scanning and Label Printing
  • Return Item module with Store Credit
  • EMV- Chip Card Capable
  • Tip Adjust and multiple tip out options and much more.
Ovvi Offers Full Retail & Restaurant Softwares
Reason 2
100% Cloud Based Solution
  • 100% Cloud Based Solution
  • Accessible from Anywhere
  • Combined License Portal from Single Login for Reseller
  • Multi Store Setup with inventory & Employee Management
  • Master, Store and Station Setup
  • Full Menu Programming Online
  • Online Analytic Reporting
100% Based Solution
Reason 3
Real Time Online Reporting (Computer & Mobile Friendly)
  • Multi Store & Single Store Reporting
  • Graphical Analytic Reporting
  • Access to 50+ reports which includes
  • KPI - (Key Performance Indicator Reports)
  • Sales Summary & Detail Reports
  • Top Selling Items/ Department Reports
  • Payment Detail Reports
  • Product Mix and Inventory Reports
  • Employee Hours & Wage Reports
  • Order Exception Reports - Voids, Deletes
  • End-of-Day Reports & many more
Real Time Online Reporting (Computer & Mobile Friendly)
Reason 4
Ovvi Software Comes In 9 Languages
  • Dual Language Menu Built - Receptive by Employee Login - (English/Second Language)
  • All Thermal Receipts and Kitchen Receipts print in single language or Dual language.
Ovvi Software Comes In 9 Languages
Reason 5
24x7x365 Tech Support And Upgrades
  • OVVI offers LIVE 24x7x365 Tech Support
  • Unlimited software upgrades to merchants
24x7x365 Tech Support And Upgrades
Reason 6
Credit Card Processing (MX™ Merchant)

Direct Integration with Priority MX Merchant Gateway - DEJAVOO TERMINALS

  • EMV - Chip Card Capable
  • NFC - Apple Pay & G Pay Capable
  • Tip Adjust & Suggestive Tipping
  • Signature Capture
Credit Card Processing (MX Merchant)
Reason 7
Cash Discount and Surcharging

OVVI Retail & Restaurant software has built in Cash Discounting and CC Surcharging capabilities.

Cash Discount and Surcharging
Reason 8
Built in Gift and Loyalty Card

Activate & Redeem Unlimited Gift cards.

  • Access to 80+ Gift card templates
  • Built in Loyalty incentive & plans

Purchase Gift Cards from :

Built in Gift and Loyalty Card
Reason 9
Online Ordering Platform
  • Single Store or Multi Store Selection
  • Customized Website with Menu and Pictures
  • Full POS Integration with our software
  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • QR Code Ordering
Online Ordering Platform
Reason 10
Online Accounting & Payroll Integration
  • OVVI has direct integration with 25 + accounting and payroll processing companies.
  • Send direct sales and employee data to accounting and payroll companies - Seamless Integration.
Online Accounting & Payroll Integration
Reason 11
Integration with 25+ Online Ordering & Delivery Apps
  • Processes 3rd Party Orders Directly to our POS
  • Reduces the need for tablets
  • Reduce order entry error
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Increase revenue potential
Integration with 25+ Online Ordering & Delivery Apps
Reason 12
Davo / Avalara Sales Tax Reporting

DAVO uses your OVVI POS sales data to set aside the amount of sales tax you collect then files and pays your taxes on time and in full. It’s completely automatic and fully guaranteed — so you won’t have to do (or worry about) a thing.

Davo / Avalara Sales Tax Reporting
Reason 13
Hardware POS
  • Android / Window
  • Sleek & Savvy Design
  • 15.6" Ultra Slim Touch Screen Monitor
  • 1 Year Of Warranty
  • Better looking Hardware and more cost effective than Clover POS, Shop Keep or any other Android, Apple based POS System.
Hardware POS
Reason 14
Ovvi Go Tabs
  • 5.99" HD+ Display
  • Easy Carrier Strap
  • Easy Table Side Ordering & Payments
  • Improved Guest Experience
  • Thermal Printer
  • EMV Card Reader
  • NFC Contactless Payment
Ovvi Go Tabs
Reason 15
Self Ordering Kiosk

Create a Contactless Interactive Self Service experience with Ovvi's Kiosk - Available in 21.5"

Self Ordering Kiosk
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