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New Version released – 2.6 for restaurants and 1.6 for Retail

on May 2017

Restaurant Software 2.6 release notes:

  • Open item by department
  • Resolved the issue of Employee tip full report
  • Resolved the issue of customer receipt, now a total of the order shows in bigger font
  • "Void Order" text in Red color for Kitchen ticket.
  • Added gift card bonus module
  • New credit card setting module for PAX and Datacap
  • Added new server shift report under report section.
  • Added prompt for job code in employee scheduler module.
  • Resolved the split order issues in case of customer modifier.
  • Online ordering module with open API architecture
  • Added option to "Hide employee" under employee maintenance module.
  • Print an extra Credit Card receipt automatically if total is over $25 (for signature)
  • On the “Quick Sale Information” report under “Tender Totals,” when a gift card has been used for payment it lists as “Gift Card.” The corporate office wants this to say “Gift Card Redeemed”.
  • Resolved the issue of table layout screen
  • Done required changes in open drawer functionality on shift start/end.
  • Fixed the issue of sales screen
  • Resolved the issue of split order and modifier
  • Added new Time clock break management
  • No need display qty in kitchen print for modifier item like No Onion, Double Cheese. Now it shows like 1 No Onion, 2 Double Cheese, 1 Extra bacon.
  • Resolved the issue of print goes to different kitchen printer on the void item.
  • Resolved the issue of time clock management screen
  • Added new feature "Tip With Holding" based on the setting
  • Moved store information from security screen to store screen
  • Added Default Employee Wage Method in Store setup.
  • Datacap gift card using MSR - (Mercury/Vantiv/Valuetec)
  • Solved order screen issues
  • CC tip module changes by cashier and by station
  • Real time KDS
  • Added new favorite report tab under report
  • Sorting report category
  • Total loyalty points on customer receipts
  • Added discount percentage and amount option on line discount on sales screen
  • Selected item sales report selection issue resolved
  • Fix the void sale giftcard with datacap
  • Gift card liability & audit report
  • Fix menu issue and modifier screen issue
  • Fix inventory import in ascii module
  • Implemented logo in receipt based on settings
  • Fixed speed issue in Global inventory
  • General bug fixes

Retail Software 1.6 release notes:

  • Added unit conversion module.
  • Added new report POS inventory receiving report
  • Added new report for stock received the print
  • Resolved issues of Purchase order module
  • Resolved the issue of scale
  • Added option to change the cost of the item in Purchase Order
  • EOD report - it will show sales category based on the setting
  • General bug fix
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