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5 Reasons Why You Need a POS System for Your Small Business

Published Feb 15, 2022 Business
5 Reasons Why You Need a POS System for Your Small Business
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“Quick Summary” Whether small or big, businesses ranging from retail stores to restaurants rely on point-of-sale (POS) systems to remain efficient. A POS system can enhance your customer experience, save money, increase profitability, generate reports, and control inventory. 

POS these days come with business intelligence built into them, which is a major game-changer for any establishment. However, many small businesses have overlooked this important piece of technology during the project discovery phase, assuming it to be too expensive and cumbersome to implement.

Every business must keep track of its sale, payments, inventory, staff activities, and customers. But when you are running a small business with limited resources, keeping up with all these tasks can be challenging. 

This is where a retail point of sale system for small businesses comes to your rescue. With such an ally powering your business, you can simplify your inventory tracking, employee attendance, and managing customer information. 

best point of sale system for small businesses

What is a POS System?

The Point-of-Sale system, or POS, is an electronic device generally visible at retail outlets that deal with end-users. These retail outlets can be shops dealing in groceries, pharmacies, convenience, liquors, or restaurants. The applications of a POS are numerous. 

A POS, as we know, is a perfect duo of hardware and software that work hand-in-hand to deliver the best of results. This unique integration makes any POS the ultimate Power House for your business. 

You generally get to see a POS at the check-out, billing, or payment counter, located within the store where your customers come to pay for their purchases. 

The present time POS systems come with a range of payment options for your customers. The hardware, softwares, and apps present in the POS allow you to offer various payment modes to your customers: cash, check, wallet, credit cards, and debit cards. 

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Coming to the core of this blog -

Let us discuss the 5 major reasons why you need the best point of sale system for small businesses.

1. Increase productivity while saving money

Small businesses know the importance of growing their customer base and, in turn, increasing their revenue. With the rise in customers’ purchasing power, it has become more crucial than ever to deliver an exceptionally superior customer experience. That’s why a small business retail POS system can be the perfect solution for your growing business needs. It can help increase productivity while saving money.

You will quickly notice that employees avoid wasting time on non-productive tasks with a POS system. With time as the baseline, it is worth investing in technology that makes your employees more productive. Small businesses should follow proven processes for optimum business growth. 

When employees perform multiple tasks using these processes, results would be outstanding. As the POS automates every task, you get to win over the towering labor costs, plus, there are fewer chances of errors occurring. The obvious output is increased productivity, lesser expense, and higher profitability. 

2. Enhance the customer experience

Ensure that your customers get to have that same warm experience every time they visit your store. It will help you retain and convert them into loyal customers. Plus, in today’s competitive environment, providing exceptional service is imperative. Customers who are contented with your products and services are guaranteed to return. 

They will just not make a repeat purchase but also recommend your services or products to their family and friends. Every customer hates standing in a queue for making their payments. With a POS system that offers fast checkout at the billing or payment counter, you can quickly help your customers leave the store - Happy and Satisfied. We all know Time Saved is Money Earned.’

Great customer experience results from concentrated marketing of discount coupons, stock-clearance sales, and loyalty programs. While you use your POS system for day-to-day operations, it can efficiently be used as a powerful marketing tool.

Real-time deals and promotions are like Marketing Magnets. Use them to offer digital discount coupons that customers will happily download on their smartphones. These coupons will build up the buyer’s eagerness to return to your store and redeem his coupons. 

You can run instant loyalty programs based on the previous purchasing history of your customers. Your POS system can offer multiple options to enhance your customer’s experience and keep them glued to your business, in turn developing a long-term relationship that eventually pays.

3. Better control of inventory

A small business's biggest challenge is controlling its inventory. Knowing what you have, how much it will last, when you will need it, and where it is located are important tasks that employees track and manage manually in many cases. Don’t you feel that there is enough scope for errors and missouts to happen? If your products come with a limited shelf life, your business cannot afford to waste them only because an employee forgot to list them in his inventory. Not to worry, as the point-of-sale system provides real-time information about your new purchases, current stocks, exhausted items, and their locations within your premises. Accessing such accurate information in real-time can help your senior employees and managers make an informed decision before ordering fresh items. Automation feature within the pos system makes workflows easier, allowing your managers to focus on other essential aspects. 

A POS system will save your time, efforts, and money and track and monitor your stocks, placing you in a better financial position. A POS system can keep track of items that sell like crazy and those that don’t. Business owners know the consequences of financial blunders caused by manually tracking and managing inventory. The only option left is to install a pos system for a small restaurant in your business space to win over your competition.

4. Access to customer purchase histories

A POS system has a history feature that provides valuable information to businesses about their customer’s buying patterns and history. This can help a business owner strategize his marketing efforts and provide the best product offerings to his customers based on their purchasing patterns. 

Let’s assume that a certain customer always buys a specific accessory with a product of his choice. A good example is buying a winter body lotion with a bottle of shampoo or picking up a few pairs of disposable latex gloves and masks with home cleaning products. Now you can cast your magical spell by positioning combo items more prominently or offering them as part of a package deal. This concept is called cross-selling. You are at liberty to offer personalized cross-selling products based on the customer’s buying history. Store owners generally offer cross-selling products in relevance to the customer’s interest.

Customers are more likely to make repeat purchases if they are sure that the complementary or discounted items offered with the main product match their interests and needs.  

Your POS system offers you access to every transaction that has ever happened at your convenience store. Using this information, you can gauge which items sell the most, their repeat selling cycle, the frequency of a certain customer or group of customers, their ticket size, and much more. 

You can make informed decisions based on this valuable business data offered by your pos inventory system for small businesses. It would be best to harness the power of a POS system; otherwise, your business might go for a toss, and your employees will be left at the loose end of numerous guesses. 

Hence, employing a POS system to understand the customer’s buying pattern is more reliable than any assumption or inaccurate evidence. Consult an expert before choosing a POS for your establishment. Going for a generic POS system will do you no good. When your business is unique, buy a POS system exclusively devised for your business domain.

5. Better business intelligence with robust reporting features

Reports are central to any business. The stories they portray can make a major difference because accurate and detailed reports are the outcome of the business intelligence that your POS is built on. You don’t need to read your reports between the lines because every detail is stated explicitly. These reports will help you differentiate between the products that sell and those that don’t. This data can give you insight into your store’s sales pattern, allowing you to spot trends and predict changes in your customers’ tastes.

These reports can give you a better picture of which store areas are profit centers. Take your time to check if certain items often go unsold while others disappear soon after arrival. List out the brands that move fast. These simple exercises will help you make smarter decisions and increase your business revenue. As a smart business owner, you can identify any potential issues before they magnify. Small business owners can benefit from their point-of-sale systems because the facts will be before them, and no employee can take them for a ride.

Business intelligence is not limited to just reports or inventory management. A point-of-sale system provides business owners with crucial information about customers, their purchasing history, buying patterns, and the activities of their employees. I am not exaggerating but, an intelligent POS system can be an extremely valuable marketing tool if you have a brick-and-mortar retail setup. With details about your customers’ preferences, interests, and buying habits available through reports, you’ll be in a better position to decide the time to target them.

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After reading this blog, you would agree that a POS system is truly a multi-tasking maestro that strengthens every dimension of your retail business. It makes billing, payments, inventory management, employee tracking, and your general finance simpler and clearer. The best point of sale system for small businesses reduces overall costs, improves the productivity ratio, enhances income, streamlines tasks, and shoulders your business to success. 

We have discussed the 5 reasons why you need to buy a POS system for your small business. Now is the time to take your first strategic step towards building a profitable business. Please call us on (346) 767-6884 or write to us at [email protected].