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Best POS System for Convenience Stores

Published Sep 17, 2021 Retail
Best POS System for Convenience Stores
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Best POS System for Convenience Stores and Systems

As a best-in-class POS system provider, we’ve assisted thousands of convenience stores businesses toward continuous POS success. Moreover, we’ve helped these organizations identify top-notch POS features. If you’re searching for a POS system or replacing a traditional system, here is a list of the most significant convenience stores POS features.

1. Hot Buttons

Streamline monotonous tasks and tune in to zero error with the Hot Buttons POS system. The usage of Hot Buttons helps the users to verify non-bar coded items and various produce. On top of that, these products can be arranged easily; therefore, the chances of error get minimal.

Above all, hotkeys decrease the checkout time by eliminating sorting with the PLU. This way, users can achieve expedited and improved customer satisfaction.

2. EBT/ Debit Capabilities

The ideal pos system for convenience stores allow customers to pay with debit, EBT, and others forms of payment. With multiple payment options, the entrepreneur can quickly expand the customer base and grow profits. On the other hand, most convenience store POS systems allow the business owner to check and verify the paid items using EBT. Users can also check the balance of the EBT card post-sale.

3. Employee Payroll and Management

Remove the regulatory burden of manually calculating hours and other activities, let the POS system work for you. You can use the employee time clock, manage payroll with single-click reporting, and set individual pay rates. Most paycheck companies use high-end pos systems. Therefore, managers have the facility to cut checks right inside the system.

4. Theft and Inventory Loss Prevention

For businesses, inventory loss and employee theft is an unfortunate reality. In some situations, employee theft accounts for optimum financial loss. Many small businesses have been the victim of theft done by their employees. It is easy to steal when the business is running on a safe or cash register. For such a reason, OVVI POS comes furnished with high-end security to avoid any shrinkage.

As a business owner, you can also consider enforcing strict controls like giving sale access options to limited people and places.

5. Age Verification and Identification

Age verification is a major concern for alcohol and tobacco sales. No more guessing the age of your users; scan all major forms of identification with the help of POS convenience stores. This feature protects your employees and the store. It helps you avoid substantial penalties and fines for infractions.

6. Simplification of Operations

With a convenience store pos system, you can simplify your business operations. Admittedly, a POS can overcome the number of procedures that you carry out on a day-to-day basis. For instance, if your inventory management is automated, you only have to scan the barcode to add the items. We all know carrying manual inventory can be time-consuming and increases the number of errors. By simplifying your operations, you will have more time to accomplish your projects. Moreover, your store can be more efficient and productive with the right POS system.


When deciding on a convenience store POS software, you should research the market and consider several factors. Analyze the budget, requirements, and size of your business before purchasing the POS system. Once you have the right POS system, your operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business enhancement are guaranteed.

If you have complexities over choosing a POS system for your business, without a second thought, you can trust OVVI. Our feature-rich software, which is power-packed with 600+ features and functionalities, can effectively help business owners optimize their operations.