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Benefits and Features of POS System for Frozen Yogurt Shop

Published Nov 15, 2021 Restaurant
Benefits and Features of POS System for Frozen Yogurt Shop
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“Quick Summary” If you plan to open a frozen yogurt shop or already have one, you must understand the competition. Introducing new flavors, planning the aesthetics of the shop, offering excellent service will be very crucial. But to lead the market, another vital aspect is choosing the best POS system for your frozen yogurt shop. Yes, having an effective frozen yogurt POS system can impact your sales and customer experience drastically.

Did you know that 69.11 million Americans consumed frozen yogurt last year? Not just in America, it is fast becoming a favorite dessert all over the globe. And why not? It is a healthy alternative to other high-calorie desserts, is low in fat, and is available in zillions of flavors and toppings

What is a POS System?

The abbreviation of POS is Point of Sale. It offers a platform for your customer to make a payment for products or services at your store. And from a business’s perspective, it is a central component that integrates different activities such as customer management, inventory management, sales, reports, and more.

The Four Essential Features of a  Frozen Yogurt POS Solution?

When attention is given to speed, errors are bound to happen. Therefore, we require a POS solution to keep track of the day-to-day operations and maintain it well. Let's have a look at some of the top features.

1. POS Software

Just as the chocolate sauce is the best topping for your frozen yogurt, similarly for a frozen yogurt shop, an intuitive POS software is the perfect solution.

POS software offers a comprehensive platform for owners and managers of the shop. Whether you have a single frozen yogurt outlet or a franchise, a highly functional POS module has the flexibility to scale all of your business needs.

The POS for a frozen yogurt shop can have different modules for multiple order types like delivery, eat-on-the-go, and dine-in. Furthermore, the software module also allows the owner to add as many varieties of toppings and flavors from an easy-to-use layout.

2. Sleek Design

Gone are the days when retail outlets had heavy computers and other gadgets to handle billing and inventory. It is the era of the sleek. 

A POS system is simply perfect to go along with the decor and aesthetics of your frozen yogurt shop. With a sleek monitor, inbuilt touchscreen, and compact design, it makes your counter look clutter-free and streamlined. You can always utilize the space according to your liking.

There are many options available; for instance, you can look for a POS stand that has hidden cable management or is available with different mounting options.

The POS system works on multiple devices such as iPads, tablets, mobile phones, and desktops. So if you already have tablets available at your Quick Service Restaurant, you don’t require other gadgets as the Cloud POS is compatible with most devices. 

3. EMV Payments

The POS system for your frozen yogurt shop must offer EMV payments (Chip and PIN). EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard®, and Visa®, and it is the safest card transaction through the use of a chip embedded in credit, debit, and prepaid cards.

4. Scale Scanner

Exactness/accuracy is money in a frozen yogurt shop. Thus, you need an accurate volumetric measurement for your froyo. The best POS softwares is the one that offers connectivity to the scale scanners.

Now that we have discussed some crucial features, let’s explore the advantages of a POS system for the frozen yogurt business.

The Benefits of Frozen Yogurt POS System

1. Speedy and Intuitive Customers Experience

Customer satisfaction is the key to success for any business. When you operate in a field with immense competition, your motive should be to offer excellent quality and faster service. And like at a departmental store where customers add items to their carts, a POS system can provide a similar experience to your customer in your froyo shop.

The customers can simply tap on the POS monitor screen and choose the flavor and topping of their choice. It makes for an intuitive customer experience. And truth be told, it is a little gratifying to customize and add the items to the cart by ourselves. Just not kids, but their parents too will love this gratifying experience. Such a system saves your staff their precious time while delivering freedom to your customers in making their choices. 

2. Solid Inventory Control

With a boatload of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings, keeping track of inventory is very challenging. Imagine a customer preparing an order and, after selecting the flavor, chooses the toppings, and a message pops up saying it is “out of stock.” Nightmare, isn’t it?

With a POS system, you will never face these issues.

The inventory control module enables frozen yogurt shop owners to track ingredients and toppings and determine ahead of time when re-orders are due. This eliminates the chances of out-of-stock ingredients and toppings.  

And when customers notice that their favorite flavors are always “in stock” at your frozen yogurt shop, they are more likely to visit you again and again.

3. Enhanced Employee Management

By introducing a top-level POS system in your frozen yogurt shop, you can significantly change the way you manage your staff. You can simplify tasks such as payroll, shift scheduling, role assignments, and also track performances. 

The staff members can clock in and out of shifts and breaks and even access payroll and benefits information.

4. Regularizing promotions and loyalty programs

Offers, promotions, and loyalty programs are great ways to attract new customers, retain the existing ones and increase sales. There are increased chances of customers buying more along with the items with offers.

A POS system will give frozen yogurt shop owners a platform to efficiently manage a variety of promotional offers such as gift cards, coupons, and loyalty programs. When it comes to disseminating this information among your customers, you can use the POS system to send automatic e-mails, text messages, and more.

5. Owner/operator time savings

As an owner/operator of a frozen yogurt shop, the above task takes up much of your time. Employee and inventory management and ensuring customer satisfaction can be tedious, but once you automate those from a POS system, you can pay attention to your shop’s expansion. Furthermore, increase your engagement with customers and utilize time in creating strategies for your shop’s success.


Did you notice how a POS system for frozen yogurt can give you an edge over your competitors?

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