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OVVI Releases 4.1 Software

On November 2020
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Software Enhancements & Fixes

  1. New Online Reporting login:
  2. ChefTAB KDS – Ovvi has completed integration with ChefTAB kitchen display solution provider. Many new features and functionality added on our POS for better customer engagement and faster order processing.
  3. Added Company information in receipt with bold setting
  4. Added Payment summary settings in receipt with bold setting
  5. Added Multiply loyalty incentive prompts on main order screen for more selection
  6. Added Auto customer bonus point calculation based on price, item points and based on price if item price is zero with fixed points.
  7. Added Bonus points under Global Settings
  8. Show or Hide check option under payout module
  9. Improvement in Id Scanner software and setup process
  10. Improved in speed for stock adjustment module
  11. Added multiple information in EOD report
  12. Added search by item SKU on Online reporting module
  13. Added item ring up by SKU and name based on setting
  14. Enhancement on ASCII Mode for importing items. Added multiple departments, items and group for easier transfer of inventory.
  15. Added food stamp and beverage deposit column under Item/PLU import file.
  16. Added food stamp items summary in detail daily report and detail reports
  17. Added Re-Print option in case of External CC Payment
  18. Added prefix for food stamp and non food stamp items on receipt
  19. Added EBT permission and on account permission settings
  20. Enhancement on return item module with store credit
  21. Speed improvement under split order screen
  22. Global Price change by Amount Increase and Decrease.
  23. Enhancement for tip out option for pre-auth transactions
  24. Enhancement done in GUI for payment screen
  25. Added Employee status screen to show current clocked in employees
  26. Added employee clock out report option without clocking out
  27. Added search by item name option in stock received and PO module
  28. Added Void Orders on online ordering module and synced with POS
  29. Added Customer description on customer receipt in bold
  30. Added Bar code printing module enhancement by enabling multiple items and multi quantity for printing labels.
  31. Added view option in reprint order
  32. Added Multiple enhancement for online ordering module
  33. Enhancement to menu push process from online reporting to respective POS station and stores.
  34. Added QTY button on sales screen based on settings
  35. General bug fix.