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Ovvi Partners with Davo to Automate your sales tax

On October 2020
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Ovvi seamlessly integrates with Davos Sales Tax

Connect DAVO to Ovvi. Never worry about sales tax again.

DAVO uses your Ovvi POS sales data to set aside the amount of sales tax you collect then files and pays your taxes on time and in full. It's completely automatic and fully guaranteed – so you won't have to do (or worry about) a thing.

How does DAVO work?

Once you complete your one-time set up, DAVO will take care of the rest. Guaranteed.

  • Continue to enter sales on your POS system: With DAVO, you won't need to do anything differently. No extra buttons to push or steps to take. Just enter your sales like you normally do.
  • DAVO collects and sets aside sales tax: DAVO uses data from your POS system to set aside the exact amount of sales tax you collect daily. Sales tax is then transferred to DAVO's secure tax holding account.
  • DAVO automatically files your state sales tax: Whenever your sales tax is due, DAVO will automatically file your taxes with the state, guaranteeing they'll be on time.
  • DAVO automatically pays your state sales tax: Using the money it set aside daily, DAVO automatically pays the amount of sales tax you owe to the state, guaranteeing they're paid in full.