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Ovvi integrates with Deliverect to offer direct integration with 25+ Delivery apps

On January 2022
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Deliverect has partnered with OVVI to build a reliable two-way integration so you can manage your online orders from a single point-of-sale with ease.

Deliverect is connected to over 25+ Delivery applications including Door Dash, Uber eats, Grub Hub, Postmates and many more.

Our OVVI integration

Here’s how our OVVI integration works:

  • Deliverect establishes a connection between your online order and delivery channels and your OVVI POS.
  • Orders made on a variety of delivery platforms are then aggregated directly to your OVVI POS system.
  • You get a complete overview of all your orders on one device.
  • Thanks to our two-way integrations, you can also sync online menus directly from your OVVI POS.

This integration requires a subscription to OVVI and Deliverect.