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Ovvi 4.0 Released

On May 2020
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Software Enhancements & Fixes

  • Re- Branding to OVVI from POSsiblePOS.
  • Online Ordering Platform Enhancements:
    • Added Open & Close time for business by time zones
    • Added customized Delivery and takeout time for future dates
    • Simplified Pizza ordering with options for ½ & ½ sizes, 1/3 sizes, ability to add multiple crust, sauce & toppings
    • Added configuration to enable tip out option during checkout for Online Orders
    • Display tip amount on receipts for online orders and auto populate on Ovvi POS tip out section as online tips
    • Changes made on POS for new data flow for New orders coming to Ovvi POS.
    • Added multiple audit trail features to track every online order by displaying their Online Order No, Paid- Unpaid Status and Customer Name in Table Layout Online Order List.
    • Eliminated Duplicate Online Ordering due to internet or payment issues
    • Provided Department filters in Online Ordering Backoffice Item/PLU List.
    • Provided Edit option for Working hours and Delivery changes in Online Ordering Back Office.
    • Enhanced adding pictures and text on online ordering back office
    • Print Online Order CC details in POS Receipt and Reports.
  • ChefTAB KDS – Ovvi has completed integration with ChefTAB kitchen display solution provider. Press release coming shortly. Many new features and functionality added on our POS for better customer engagement and faster order processing.
  • Added edit option after receiving Stock in Stock Received module.
  • Added features to allow negative qty on Change Qty.
  • Added Unit Price in retail based on setting both sales screen and receipts.
  • Added Category wise summary in EOD report based on configuration.
  • Enhancement on Shift Report display CC payment details based on card type.
  • Active/InActive Item PLU in Retail Business Type.
  • More detailed enhancements in EBT food stamp processing and reporting by department, categories, and items. Added this item in multiple reports
  • Added Cash pullout option based on station configuration.
  • Enhanced Credit/Debit Option for Retail Business Type.
  • Added customized Customer Display settings in software for Retail & QSR
  • Enhancement on ASCII Mode for importing items. Added multiple departments, items and group for easier transfer of inventory.
  • Enhancement on Vendor Item Number changes in Item/PLU.
  • Display Total on Re-Print CC receipt with Tip Amount.
  • Added Re-Print option in case of External CC Payment.
  • Added Business Type based settings under station setup. This enables multiple different screen configuration by retail or restaurant screens. Ideal for hybrid locations selling retail items in the back and have a restaurant in the front. Station can be setup as retail or restaurant and menus auto change.
  • Auto Refresh Menu based on Schedule set
  • Enhancement on Customer Account Screen Added Payment type button
  • Removed Menu from Default database.
  • Global Price change by Amount Increase and Decrease.
  • Fixed the issue of Display Line discount in Detail Daily Reports.
  • Enhancement on Style Matrix by display in Menu and Item Name with a dash.
  • Enhancement on Return Item selection from order.
  • Moved Order Notes to Store Setup Configuration.
  • Added Re-Print CC Settlement Report option.
  • Added Department Name in Stock Adjustment with filter option.
  • Enhancement on Stock Received with Print report option.
  • Added Bar code printing module enhancement by enabling multiple items and multi quantity for printing labels.
  • Added Multiple Customer Shipping Address options for Delivery Orders on POS
  • Enabled - Active/InActive Department settings
  • Move Invoice Note to Store Setup from Back Office.
  • Improvement in the customer loyalty program by adding multiple loyalty plans by customers.
  • Improvements in a purchase order module by adding unit conversion in PO and added email PO option for vendors.
  • General bug fix.