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Best Restaurant POS System for 2024 (Tried & Tested)

Published May 10, 2024 Restaurant
Best Restaurant POS System for 2024 (Tried & Tested)
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“Quick summary” Restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems are critical to any restaurant business. Most POS solutions include a kitchen display system, order tracking, pricing, online ordering and delivery, and staff and menu management - a complete solution to boost restaurant sales. They also allow restaurant owners to manage inventory, manage tables and run reports. A good restaurant POS system can make a huge difference in a restaurant’s bottom line.

Many different restaurant POS systems are available on the market, so we’ve done the homework for you. We find the best POS Solution for your restaurant based on price, ease of use, features, customer satisfaction, and third-party integrations - Ovvi POS. Thousands of restaurants, from small to big franchises, have tried and tested this point-of-sale system, which has helped them grow their business. 

In-Built Advance Features Offered by Ovvi Restaurant POS

1. Easy Ordering and Inventory Management

Easy Ordering and Inventory Management

Ovvi's menu feature is easy to use, making ordering and checkout quick. It also handles split checks easily and helps you keep track of orders, refunds, and returns.

Get real-time reports on orders, including those taken at the table or by customers. It works for all types of orders, whether online, offline, or through a third-party application.

You can customize your menu items quickly with modifiers, special options, and combos, manage recipes and ingredients, and set different prices and taxes.

Restaurant POS helps you manage ingredients and orders effortlessly. You can easily reorder items from different suppliers.

2. Simple Table Layout

Table Layout allows you to create a floor plan, see which tables are open or occupied, and assign tables to servers.

You can set up different sections for your restaurants, like the dining room, bar, or patio. There are tables, chairs, and more options to customize your layout. You can even add extras like pool tables or bowling lanes.

The interface is easy to use and adaptable. You can change your layout or add tables easily. You can see which server serves which table, how long a table has been occupied, and the total bill. Splitting bills between tables is easy with Ovvi.

The reservation module helps manage open tables and prevents double bookings.

3. Multi-language Mode

The restaurant software by Ovvi is available in nine different languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, French, and Hindi. It's great for bilingual employees because menus switch to their preferred language when they log in. Kitchen and thermal printers can also print in one or two languages, making things easier for bilingual staff.

4. Table Side Ordering & Payments

Table Side Ordering & Payments

Ovvi's handheld devices improve guest experiences and help speed up service during busy times. With tablet ordering and payments, staff can interact more with guests, quickly take orders, and send them to the kitchen. 

This feature helps you reduce mistakes, makes staff more productive, and allows them to spend more time explaining menus and suggesting items to guests. The mobile payment devices let customers add tips, scan cards, and leave reviews easily.

5. Kitchen Display Solution

Kitchen Display Solution

The kitchen display speeds up and simplifies order entry. It shows customer names, dietary restrictions, and order destinations. It also sorts orders by station, shows arrival times, and lets staff mark orders as ready. The display is available with either a bump bar or a touchscreen setup.

6. Multi Payment Processing 

Using integrated payments with Ovvi makes checkout faster and easier. You can accept payments however your customers want to pay, whether in-store, online, on mobile, or the go. Ovvi payment system operates with over 10 payment providers for a smooth checkout, like First Data, TSYS, Global Payments, and Worldpay.

With Ovvi's smart payment solution, customers can pay with their phones using Apple Pay or GPay. Its pay-at-the-table feature lets customers add tips, scan their cards, and leave reviews all in one easy setup.

7. Reporting & Insights

Most importantly, the Ovvi system provides many reports to help you understand your business and keep track of your sales. You can see all this information on a user-friendly dashboard, which you can customize to fit your needs. Plus, you can look at the sales data for one store or many stores all in one place.

The dashboards in Ovvi can be changed to show the information you want, and you can even set up reports to be emailed daily.

Here are some of the common reports you can get:

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports
  • Detailed Sales Report
  • Summary of Sales Reports
  • Product Mix Report
  • Top 10 Selling Items
  • Employee Hours and Pay Report
  • Reports on Orders with Issues
  • End of Day (EOD) Reports
  • Reports on Payment Types

And there are many more reports available for detailed analysis.

8. Multi-restaurant Capabilities

Ovvi software, hardware, and a network of partners can help big restaurant chains run and expand their business while keeping customers happy. Many of the biggest and fastest-growing restaurant chains use Ovvi restaurant POS systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Detailed reports for multiple restaurants
  • Managing inventory
  • Analyzing food costs
  • Predicting sales
  • Tracking time and attendance
  • Scheduling staff shifts

9. Self ordering kiosk

Self ordering kiosk

Ovvi's Self-Ordering Kiosk helps you make more money and use your space better. The high-tech Kiosk makes ordering faster, saves restaurant owners money, and makes customers happier. It comes in 21.5-inch floor stands or can be mounted on tables or walls. Plus, Ovvi can turn any POS system into a self-ordering kiosk.

10. Accounting Software Integration

Keeping track of money is crucial for any successful business. POS Accounting Software can help you manage your business's finances. Handling money can be a hassle. A POS system lets you update your financial information immediately so you can see how much you're selling and what's in stock. This saves time and cuts down on mistakes. 

Special accounting software helps you focus on following the rules and keeping your books right. This POS system supports integrating more than 15 accounting software programs.

You can easily and correctly manage your accounts, sales, payments, discounts, and taxes. Get daily reports on sales and how much you're making or losing. This helps you avoid mistakes, keep records organized, and ensure everything's ready for tax time.

When POS and Accounting software work together smoothly, giving you a clear picture of your money. This helps you make smart decisions for your business. Lots of restaurants are already using this tech. It's time for you to try it, too.

11. Integrations with Delivery Apps

Their experts will set everything up for your business at no extra cost and make sure it works perfectly. They also help set up your menus, prices, and discounts, which saves you time and money.

With a cloud-based system, your menus are all in one place, making adding new items, deals, discounts, and seasonal specials for all your locations and devices easy.

This integration ensures your orders aren't lost, delayed, or sent to the wrong place. By teaming up with Ovvi's delivery network, your customers get their orders on time and just right. And you can greet your regular customers with a smile.

12. Gift Card & Loyalty Program

Gift Card & Loyalty Program

Ovvi's loyalty program rewards guests who visit your restaurant. Store and restaurant owners can use this program to attract more customers and improve service. Customers earn points for every purchase they make, and they can use these points later to get free stuff like appetizers, desserts, or even a whole meal. As a business owner, you can use the loyalty program to build a loyal group of customers, attract more customers, and make more money.

Loyalty programs help boost sales and keep customers returning to your restaurant. It has a tool based on real sales data from restaurants and stores. This tool can help you figure out ways to make more sales. You can use it to see how often customers come to your restaurant in a year or estimate how many new members might sign up for the loyalty program each month. 

Restaurant POS Solution for Various Food Businesses 

Dining Restaurant

Point-of-sale by Ovvi can boost the overall functions of your fine-dining restaurant, including delivering an amazing guest experience, managing profit margins, managing employees, and offering customized solutions to meet your business's unique requirements.

Bar & Lounge

Ovvi POS has many smart features that help Bars, Pubs, and Breweries increase operational efficiency, promote customer engagement, increase average order value, and offer loyalty programs to increase customer retention. These features allow you to manage bar stock easily, get sales reports, update orders and tracking in real-time, and more!

Pizza Restaurant 

Pizzeria POS, designed by Ovvi, is a cloud-based system that allows you to manage your pizza business from anywhere and anytime. Various features are seamlessly integrated, such as online ordering, QR code ordering, payroll management, and other tools to help you run your restaurant.

Frozen Yogurt Shop

Did you know Ovvi Frozen Yogurt POS can boost daily operations, sales, and profits by simplifying the checkout process and helping you keep track of inventory, including your customers' favourite toppings and flavours? There are more than 100 more features, like self-ordering kiosks and sales report generation, to help you go online, decrease management costs, and grow your margin. 

Food Truck Business 

Ovvi can equip your fast food business with the right technology to manage orders, improve customer experience, and speed up the checkout. You can also secure customer data and introduce promotional campaigns with Small Restaurant POS systems and Go Mobile Tablet POS.  

Final Thought 

Ovvi is the top-rated restaurant POS system for 2024. With its comprehensive features like easy ordering, table layout customization, multi-language mode, and more, Ovvi POS stands out. Integrated accounting, delivery app partnerships, and loyalty programs make it a game-changer for various food businesses, from fine dining restaurants to food trucks.

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