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Software Feature Spotlight: Employee Scheduling Tool

Published May 17, 2017 Business
Software Feature Spotlight: Employee Scheduling Tool
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“Quick Summary” The software spotlight feature of the week is all about Employee Scheduling. Believe it or not, some companies still use old fashioned time sheets to track employee hours! This can lead to a lot of extra work for management and also creates a lot of room for error. While many companies have scheduling tools in place, these are often only available from their back office computer, which is not always convenient if you need to be on the floor.

The Ovvi POS Restaurant software has the functionality of an Employee Management tool built in, and is accessible from any register! You simply log in and go to the Back Office module. From there select the Store tab and click on Employee Scheduler.

This feature helps you fully automate your employee scheduling process from any register or computer. In addition, an employee clock in and out tool ensures that all employee hours are conveniently automated and tracked. With this functionality there is no longer a need to leave the restaurant floor to manage your employee’s time cards and schedules, it can be done on the fly.

Ovvi POS is constantly adding new features and functionalities to our software to make it work better for your business. If you own or manage a restaurant, this functionality will help improve your manage your employee scheduling no matter where you are. Give it a try today!

Ovvi POS Inc. is the leading POS software development company with the mission to advance the POS industry through extensive customer and user experience research, coupled with innovative technology to serve the needs of retail and restaurant businesses. Schedule your Restaurant POS Software demo today and see how our all-in-one POS solution can work for your business.