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Ovvi POS Receives Point of Sale Software Accolade from B2B Review Platform.

Published Jun 06, 2022 Business
Ovvi POS Receives Point of Sale Software Accolade from B2B Review Platform
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Recently, Ovvi POS was recognized by a leading B2B software marketplace for its point of sale software bearing top-quality and industry-grade features and capabilities.

CompareCamp, a major software review platform, recently presented Ovvi POS with a Rising Star Award. This is an industry recognition given to POS platforms that have amassed many satisfied users over the years. 

Along with other strict criteria, CompareCamp considered Ovvi POS’s increasing popularity and positive mentions on social media, serving as testaments to the product’s outstanding performance as a POS solution. The B2B software review platform analyzed hundreds of POS solutions to develop its ranking of the best platforms in the marketplace, giving Ovvi POS a well-deserved spot on its list of best POS platforms.

CompareCamp’s expert software reviewers also analyzed Ovvi POS’s core features and capabilities in-depth. In its detailed software review of Ovvi POS, CompareCamp tested and analyzed each of the platform's key features.

In conclusion, the team found that the software has all the top features users are looking for in POS solutions, including invoicing, inventory management, and multi-store management. The review also highlighted the user-friendliness of Ovvi POS, which enables store owners to quickly adapt to the platform and get started with their store management operations more efficiently.

Furthermore, CompareCamp’s software review discussed Ovvi POS’s extensive customization tools, enabling store owners to create custom menu layouts, menu items, and table layouts. Ovvi POS also supports unlimited split check options to help restaurant owners provide multiple payment methods to their customers. Also, the platform is not short of tools for retail businesses—it comes with plenty of features for inventory tracking and management, barcode label printing, returns processing, and employee management.

Due to its comprehensive POS capabilities, Ovvi POS has become one of the most sought-after POS solutions for restaurateurs and retailers. With 52% of business owners looking to improve their existing POS platforms, many have switched to Ovvi POS due to its sophisticated feature offerings that enable business owners to streamline their day-to-day operations. As mentioned by CompareCamp’s detailed review of the platform, Ovvi POS offers order and vendor management tools to help store owners manage their purchase orders.

These remarkable features helped Ovvi POS become one of CompareCamp’s best POS platforms. As a powerful and reliable POS solution, Ovvi POS provides tools and features that help store owners streamline their day-to-day tasks and manage their restaurant or retail shop more efficiently.

We at Ovvi POS would like to express our sincere gratitude to CompareCamp for giving us the chance to receive this prestigious recognition. The honor of being granted this award inspires us to continue providing outstanding POS solutions to businesses of all scales.

We also want to thank our customers and users for trusting Ovvi POS and making us a part of their journey. We look forward to presenting you with better services and newer POS features in the future.