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Ovvi Earns POS Systems Accolade From Leading B2B Review Marketplace

Published Aug 03, 2022 Business
Ovvi Earns POS Systems Accolade From Leading B2B Review Marketplace
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Ovvi has recently added another feather to its cap when a leading B2B review platform granted our point-of-sale software with an industry award. 

FinancesOnline, one of the world's top software directories, gave Ovvi a Rising Star Award in acknowledgment of our product's growing popularity and user base. This award is granted to new business software products with promising performance and growth with market validation in a short span.

To come to this decision, FinancesOnline looked into the significant volume of positive feedback, social media mentions, and other factors showing user satisfaction. Their expert software reviewers also conducted a detailed Ovvi review and concluded that it offers solid features to help business owners achieve their goals and succeed. 


FinancesOnline commended our platform's comprehensiveness and ease of use. Among the features, they took special note of our handheld devices, self-service kiosk, multi-unit management, integrations, inventory control, and real-time analytics.

If you're a restaurant or retail store owner, you know how important it is to keep your employees productive, your customers happy, and your revenue up. During the review, our representatives reiterated that you could perform all these three tasks with the right order and payment management features. For example, their experts noted that our EMV or NFC chip card-enabled handheld devices and mobile phones let customers order food and make payments directly from their tables. That means no more waiting in line to order and pay. 

Plus, they emphasized our intuitive inventory handling, making it easy for you to offer various menu items and create pizza orders, product variations, or packaging sizes. They acknowledged that the feature makes it easy for restaurant owners to manage the replenishment and preparation of ingredients, giving more time to focus on other aspects of running the business.

Furthermore, reviewers loved how the platform makes everything seamless, allowing admins to monitor employee time, attendance, salaries, and tips analyze customer behaviors, and process gift cards in one place. So if you're looking for a little help streamlining your business to manage multiple restaurant branches or retail stores, Ovvi’s multi-outlet operations feature is the way to go.

Their review also lauded Ovvi’s third-party integration, where an online order is sent to Ovvi's POS systems in real-time. So, no more waiting around for food! And as a bonus, you can integrate Ovvi with your existing accounting, payroll, and delivery systems and applications.

These features are important to their POS system list, showcasing today’s leading POS software solutions.

Thank you, FinancesOnline, for your love! It means a lot to us here at Ovvi that you would take the time and effort to recognize our hard work. Your support inspires us to keep doing what we do best—providing best-in-class POS systems.

We would also like to give a big shout-out to all the business owners who have trusted us with their POS systems requirements. We appreciate your faith in us, and we promise to continue delivering reliable services and new features in the future.

We look forward to more years of partnership and helping you optimize your business efforts.