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How to Improve Restaurant Efficiency with Kitchen Display System

Published May 15, 2024 Restaurant
How to Improve Restaurant Efficiency with Kitchen Display System
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“Quick summary” In the restaurant business, working efficiently is key to success. An organized kitchen can bridge the gap between satisfied customers and negative feedback. Diners want faster service and quality food, so restaurant owners seek ways to streamline their kitchens.

One of the effective ways is to use Ovvi’s Kitchen Display System (KDS), a tool that helps restaurants manage orders and run kitchens more efficiently. Essentially, Ovvi's KDS affixes kitchen tasks with the Restaurant point of sale system (POS), ensuring information moves smoothly and reducing mistakes made by hand.

Ovvi's KDS & Its Primary Function

Ovvi Role of a KDS in Bridging Kitchen Processes With POS Systems

Ovvi’s Kitchen Display System is a strong, well-designed device that withstands the busy kitchen atmosphere without breaking a sweat. The simple screen helps kitchen staff track orders, manage tickets, and monitor order progress. Built to withstand kitchen heat, it's durable and reliable.

Role of a KDS in Bridging Kitchen Processes With POS Systems

Ovvi kitchen display system and Its Primary Function

One standout feature of Ovvi’s KDS is its smooth connection to the Restaurant point of sale system (POS). When linked up, Ovvi’s KDS automatically updates orders as they come in, cutting out manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

This connection is important for today's restaurants because it lets the KDS get orders right away from places like in-person dining, online orders, and delivery apps. When a customer orders through any of these ways, it goes straight to Ovvi’s KDS. This means the kitchen team can start making the order immediately without waiting.

In simple terms, Ovvi’s Kitchen Display System provides a complete solution to make kitchens run smoother, get orders right, and boost customers' dining experience. With its smart features and easy connection to other systems, Ovvi’s KDS is a big step forward for restaurants wanting to stay competitive and succeed today.

Key Features of Ovvi’s Kitchen Display System

Monitor Your Orders

The first thing that grabs your attention with Ovvi's KDS is its ability to keep orders in check. No more lost tickets or forgotten orders; Ovvi's system lets kitchen staff keep a keen eye on every incoming order.

Customizable grid view for fast-food restaurants

Whether you're making burgers or putting together fancy sandwiches, the customizable grid view is tailored for fast-food restaurants, making it easy to keep track of orders.

Built-in filters for order categorization

With Ovvi's filters, orders can be organized and sorted by their status, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Kitchen Ordering & Ticketing System - The Tough Guy

Ovvi's Kitchen Ordering & Ticketing System, or what we can call a Kitchen Management System, is designed to be the tough guy in your kitchen. It manages orders with precision and prioritizes tasks efficiently.

Sequence and priority-based ticket display

Tickets are displayed in terms of the customers' demand, ensuring the kitchen staff knows exactly what to focus on next.

Timers for order alerts and VIP order prioritization

Never keep your VIP guests waiting. Ovvi’s KDS comes with timers that alert the kitchen staff when an order needs special attention or is time-sensitive.

  • Ready-Order Screen: Transparency is key to customer satisfaction. With Ovvi’s ready-order screen, customers can see their order status, reducing anxiety and enhancing their dining experience.
  • Integrate POS With KDS: Smooth integration is key to Ovvi’s KDS. When connected with your restaurant's POS system, Ovvi ensures that online and in-person orders are handled well and without errors.
  • Heat Resistant Devices: The kitchen can be a hot and messy place. Ovvi understands this and offers heat and dust-resistant hardware to withstand the toughest kitchen environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Benefits of Deploying Ovvi’s KDS in Your Restaurant

  • Operational efficiency and revenue growth: Efficient operations mean quicker service, satisfied customers, and more earnings. With Ovvi's KDS, restaurants can run smoother and boost profits.
  • Improved customer service and reduced food waste: Accurate order management means fewer mistakes, improving customer satisfaction and reducing food waste.
  • Enhanced kitchen staff management and reduced errors: Ovvi's KDS makes managing tasks easier, reduces mistakes and lets kitchen staff concentrate on making great food.
  • Speedier service and accurate order delivery: With real-time order tracking and prioritization, Ovvi's KDS helps restaurants deliver orders faster and more accurately.
  • Simplified multi-course meal planning and timing: Ovvi’s KDS takes the guesswork out of multi-course meal planning by timing each dish perfectly, ensuring a seamless dining experience for guests.
  • Minimized returns, frustrations, and arguments: Accurate order management and transparent communication reduce the chances of order mistakes, leading to fewer returns and customer complaints.
  • Insights for identifying and improving kitchen bottlenecks: With Ovvi’s KDS, restaurants can identify and fix kitchen slowdowns, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Ovvi’s Kitchen Display System boosts restaurant efficiency, making customers happier and increasing profits. Stay tuned for more on Ovvi's solutions!

OVVI's Additional Offerings


Move forward with OVVI GO, Ovvi's smart tool designed to make running a restaurant easier. With OVVI GO, restaurant owners can handle orders, keep track of what's in stock, and look at sales numbers in one spot. Its easy-to-use design and strong features make OVVI GO a great choice for restaurant owners who want to simplify their business.

2. OVVI Online Ordering

OVVI Online Ordering

In today's digital world, restaurants must offer online ordering. OVVI Online Ordering works smoothly with Ovvi’s KDS, sending takeaway and delivery orders right to the kitchen display. This connection means online orders get handled fast and correctly, cutting down on wait times and making customers happier.

3. OVVI Kiosks

OVVI Kiosks

Improve customer service with OVVI Kiosks. These easy-to-use kiosks let customers order independently, cutting staff workload and speeding up service. OVVI Kiosks also send text alerts when orders are ready for pickup.


Ovvi’s Kitchen Display System is not just a gadget; it's a complete solution to change how restaurants work. It has smart features for keeping an eye on orders and managing tickets, and it connects smoothly with other tools like OVVI GO, OVVI Online Ordering, and OVVI Kiosks. Together, these make up a full package for managing a restaurant.

Ovvi’s technology can help restaurant owners work better, make fewer mistakes, and make customers happier. With its tough devices that can handle the heat, built-in filters, and the ability to track orders in real-time, Ovvi’s KDS is a big step forward for restaurants.

Want to boost your restaurant's game? Don't hesitate! Check out Ovvi’s Kitchen Display System to see how it can change your restaurant's workflow. With its smart features, easy connections, and simple design, Ovvi’s KDS is the secret to running a successful restaurant.

Join the many restaurant owners who've already started using Ovvi’s technology and seen the positive changes for themselves. Visit our website to learn more about Ovvi’s KDS and other tools and start moving towards a smoother and more profitable restaurant. Step into the future with Ovvi!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The system is set up on a touchscreen in the kitchen and works with the restaurant's cash register system. It shows new orders, tracks them as made, and informs the serving staff and customers about the kitchen's progress.

Benefits of Deploying KDS at Your Restaurant:

  • Improves operational efficiency and boosts revenue.
  • Enhances customer service and reduces food waste.
  • Manages kitchen staff effectively.
  • Eliminates lost or misread paper tickets.
  • Digital orders ensure accuracy and priority.
  • Speeds up service by bypassing ticket passing.
  • Simplifies complex menus and timing for multicourse meals.
  • Ensures timely and temperature-perfect dishes.
  • Reduces returns and boosts team morale.
  • Empowers Kitchen Management System to address bottlenecks and improve service.

A kitchen display system, or KDS, is a digital screen that shows the orders in a commercial kitchen. It is basically a replacement for traditional handwritten orders.

In the food industry, KDS is the industry's most durable all-in-one kitchen display system (KDS).

The cost of a KDS varies as per individual requirements. Some ask for multiple features to manage their big venture, and a few need fewer features to manage their restaurants. Since it’s a customizable solution for the food industry, its cost cannot be calculated randomly. Still, you will find some fixed-cost products ranging from $799 to $899 with an additional monthly KDS software plan fee of approximately $25 per device, but we do not recommend going for any such investments without evaluating your needs.