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How to Use Touch Screen Cash Register?

Published Mar 30, 2022 Business
How to Use Touch Screen Cash Register?
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“Quick Summary” Touch screen cash registers are becoming more and more popular in stores, and for a good reason. They're fast and efficient, making it easy to keep track of your sales. As a business owner, it's essential to understand how to use a touch screen cash register to your advantage. 

If you're thinking about switching to a touch screen cash register, we've put together a handy guide to show you how to operate touch screen cash registers and their 10 benefits. So let us begin! 

How to get started with your touch screen POS system?

Once you have purchased your touch screen POS system, you first need to install it. The setup process for a POS system is relatively simple and shouldn't take you more than an hour or two. In the case of an iPad POS touch system, the process will seem like a piece of cake!

To set up the hardware, you will need to plug in the computer, scanner, printer, and other devices required to operate the system. Once everything is plugged in, connect the POS system to your network via Ethernet cable or wireless router.

Also, read the instruction manual carefully. Take time to go through the owner's manual of your new touch screen cash register. The manual will give you a good idea of using your system and where everything is located.

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How to start running transactions on touch screen cash registers?

To start running transactions on a touch screen cash register, the first thing you need to do is turn it on. The second step is to enter your unique PIN or password given to you by the manufacturer.

If this is your first time using the touch screen cash register, you need to select English as your language and set up some basic information such as time zone, tax rate, and currency used in your country. After this basic setup, you can start entering products, prices, discounts, barcodes, or other data in your system. To run a transaction on the touch screen cash register, first, you need to enter the product name or code using the number keys and then press ENTER. This will display all the details like price, weight, quantity, and unit of measurement of a particular product.

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How to close your day using a touch screen cash register?

For a few reasons, it is essential to close your shift efficiently. It will let you know how much money is there in the cash drawer, address the errors, and keep track of your total sales.

If you're closing the shift on a POS system with a built-in terminal emulator, then you can do all these tasks from one place. First, need to take out the cash drawers and count them. This should match up with what is shown on the POS system.

To reconcile the drawer totals with the cash in the safe, use the counting method you used when counting the drawer. Once you've finished reconciling, write how much money is in the safe. Also, write how much was taken out of each drawer and placed into the safe.

If any errors get generated on your register, you should address them before leaving. You will also acquire your end-day consolidated report through POS, which will enlighten you about sales, the discount drops, and returns data!

Top 10 benefits of using touch screen POS systems

1. Small size but all the benefits of a traditional cash register

A small footprint means more space for other equipment, which is always good. Moreover, it is equipped with all the functionalities that any amazing POS system requires!

2. Improved inventory management

Touch screen cash registers with barcode scanners and RFID readers are designed to help you keep track of your touch screen inventory system.

3. Improved customer service

You can run multiple reports and track customers' previous orders using touch screen POS systems. This will help you provide better customer service.

4. Convenient for employees and customers

Touch screen POS systems reduce errors and improve efficiency. Moreover, it is easier to learn and use than a traditional POS system!

5. Compatible with tools you use priorly

Touch screen POS systems are compatible with cash drawers, receipt printers, and other peripherals you might already have.

6. Reliable, secure technology is easy to maintain

Touch screen cash registers for small businesses are easy to upgrade or repair. This can be done by your IT staff, eliminating the need to send the unit back to the manufacturer or the service center.

7. Access to information from anywhere

You can use your mobile device to check inventory, run reports, and more. You can get information on your store sales, customer list, and inventory anywhere.

8. Ease of payment for customers

With a touch-screen cash register system, you can stop worrying about getting payment from the customer. It accepts all payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, EBT, cash, etc.

9. Can track employee's performance

With the help of a “Touch Screen Cash Register System,” you can track your employee's performance. It has a particular function that shows each employee's sales by day, week, or month. So you can see who is doing a good job and who is not doing well.

10. A reliable choice for growth

The touch screen cash register system is designed for scalability and growth. It has many options to add new peripherals, modules, or POS software. So the touch screen cash register system is the best choice for small business owners.


Touch screen cash registers are becoming more common in retail stores. We have attempted to explain how to operate a touch screen cash register for your business through this article. With OVVI by your side, switching to the new technology will work wonders for your store. Why wait when you can easily partner with OVVI. Call us at (346) 767-6884 or drop your message at [email protected] Our product experts will walk you through the cool new touch screen cash register system and ensure that you get the best features for your business domain.