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Gift Cards and Their Impact on Your Business

Published Apr 05, 2017 Restaurant
Gift Cards and Their Impact on Your Business
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“Quick Summary” Gift cards are a simple way for a business to increase sales. They are a great way to attract new customers to your business and to get current customers coming back. Customers who shop with a gift card are also likely to spend more at your business because they typically want to spend the entire balance at one time, even if it means paying the difference out of pocket. According to, two out of three consumers spend nearly 40% more than the gift card’s value.

According to an article on titled Why Small Businesses Should Include Gift Cards in Their Marketing Strategy, the gift card market now accounts for more than $129 billion in consumer spending. Gift cards are a popular gift choice and can have a lasting impact on your business. When a customer purchases a gift card for someone else, they are all but ensuring that customer is going to walk through your doors. If they have never been to your business before, then you have the chance to gain a new regular customer by providing them with a great customer experience.

Ovvi has gift card capabilities and technology integrated into all of their software solutions. This ensures that you will be able to issue and redeem gift cards with ease. The software also has robust reporting tools which among other things, can run a report based on payment type. This will allow you to be able to track how much of your sales are generated by gift cards.

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