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Employee Management Tools: A Must For Your Business

Published Apr 19, 2017 Business
Employee Management Tools: A Must For Your Business
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“Quick Summary” As a business owner, employee management is a critical part of any business. The range of management this requires can vary based on the size of your business and number of employees. At the very least you need a system that will manage shift scheduling and have employee time clock functionality.

Employee management on a POS system allows the owner/manager to be able to track what employees are on the clock, hours worked, top performers and much more. The Ovvi POS Restaurant software has these functionalities and more. In the employee maintenance screen you can store employee personal information, such as name and address. You can also store information such as employee role and wages, birthday and their table/drawer assignment. 

There is also a separate employee role screen that allows you to assign different roles and wages to your employees. Having a POS system that manages these tasks for you allows you to be able to run your business more effectively and efficiently while focusing your attention on other things, such as building your business.

Ovvi POS restaurant software is easy to use and helps make your life easier by taking into account the different tasks restaurant owners/managers must perform every day and making them easier to execute.

Ovvi POS Inc. is the leading POS software development company with the mission to advance the POS industry through extensive customer and user experience research, coupled with innovative technology to serve the needs of retail and restaurant businesses. Schedule your Restaurant POS Software demo today and see how our all-in-one POS solution can work for your business.