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The Ultimate Guide to 8 Different Types of Bars

Published Jan 13, 2023 Restaurant
The Ultimate Guide to 8 Different Types of Bars
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“Quick summary” Each person has a favorite spot to hang out. If you enjoy going to bars, it is worthwhile to be aware of what you are getting into before leaving home so that you can enjoy yourself.

There have been hundreds of distinct bar concepts, styles, and specialties that have emerged over time. While many of them are self-explanatory, they all have a unique aura.

These days, many people, especially millennials and GenZ, are keen to explore different types of bars and clubs. If you are also a frequent bar go-er, you should be aware of it and choose the ideal one.

We've compiled a quick list of typical types of bars you may find in cities worldwide to help you better understand all the different types of bars.

Find out more about the 8 different types of bars!

1. Cocktail bars

Cocktail bars specialize in serving up refreshing drinks with a kick. These bars concentrate mainly on cocktails, though they may also serve beer and wine. All reputable cocktail bars will have a menu of signature drinks available for customers and traditional drinks like martinis, manhattans, gin, and tonics.

Cocktail bars

It's a type of bar with countless variations, and in big cities, you'll continually come across new approaches to the notion.

These bars often provide elevated snacks, while some establishments also serve food. You will find cocktail bars in airports, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality locations in addition to standalone locations.

2. Sports bar

What a sports bar comprises is evident from the name; we all know what it is. Of course, sports are the main focus of a sports bar, but anything else is fair game. These places might serve cuisine and provide exquisite wine as well as a variety of beers and liquors.

Sports bar

But in addition to the booze, multiple displays and Ultra HD Panels will be scattered throughout the space, or a projector will serve as the focal point to watch sports. A sports bar's existence revolves around people crowding to watch a game.

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A sports bar is an excellent spot to watch the game with many other sports fans and some booze. So, unless your team loses, you can eat, drink, cheer and have fun.

3. Dive bar

Dive bars are among the most undervalued of all types. Dive bars typically have no customers, are quiet, and provide reasonably priced drinks. Dive bars are the perfect place to go if you want a drink on a random weeknight.

Dive bar

The only thing you need to brace yourself for at the dive bar is the likelihood of running into some interesting folks. They encourage you to value and cherish yourself.

Additionally, when you converse with strangers, you can express your ideas and viewpoints and discover exciting new information about them. It might be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity, so we don't think you should pass it up.

4. Wine bar

People who want to enjoy a delicious glass of wine without having to cope with a busy, noisy bar should visit a wine bar. Furthermore, it makes it obvious that wine would require its category, given the wide variety of styles produced in different parts of the world.

Wine bar

Typically, they provide a wide variety of wines from throughout the globe. After a long day, wine bars are frequently cozy, softly lit places ideal for unwinding.

In addition to serving fine cuisine to go with various wines, wine bars can also function as quick-service restaurants. So, overall if you are looking for a relaxed vibe along with tasty food - wine bars are an ideal option.

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5. Pub or tavern

The term "public house," shortened to "pub," was first used in the UK. Public houses were known as "taverns" when they became common in America. Pubs and taverns are distinguished from other kinds of bars primarily by their emphasis on food.

Pub or tavern

They typically feature dark wood wainscoting and paneling, and one of many dark brown ales is offered.

Make sure to order dinner if you want to truly experience an Irish bar because they frequently serve delicious home-cooked favorites with an Irish flavor.

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These venues are more family-friendly than a cocktail lounge or dive bar since they offer full table service and menus that frequently include items other than alcoholic drinks.

And we’re sure you’ll love it. 

6. Live music bar

Although live music venues aren't the wackiest or most expensive things you'll find anywhere, they are a lot of fun. In certain ways, live music can be calming and motivating, and having drinks with it? That makes everything perfect.

Live music bar

The young and emerging generations typically have a sweet tooth for these locations. They are enjoyable and fascinating. They are usually highly packed, and you’ll find many individuals every night.

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You will enjoy these locations if you enjoy dancing, being among people, and having fun with booze. To begin, dress appropriately and enjoy the evening.

7. Hotel bar

Hotel bars welcome guests from all over the world, but they hardly ever have a specific theme. One of the numerous reasons locals frequently prefer to visit them is that they are simple yet welcoming.

Hotel bar

Hotel bars typically keep a sizable supply of alcohol on hand and can accommodate various needs. If you want a cold beer or a White Russian, they can give it to you because they try hard to serve all different kinds of consumers.

The layout, size, and style of these pubs are extremely simple. Yet, bartenders and servers are very amiable to satisfy their customers and offer them the best possible experience.

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8. Specialty bars

These establishments center their menus around a particular specialty, such as cigar bars, martini bars, and the more recent boozy ice cream parlor. For example, if you like margaritas, you can visit a margarita bar or anything else per your preference.

Specialty bars

The latter is particularly well-liked as they are the only places you can visit and enjoy a great cigar and a brandy glass or scotch now that all cities and municipalities have banned smoking in various public places.

To provide customers with the best amenities, specialty bar owners constantly develop new and better concepts for their establishments.


If you enjoy going to bars, consider visiting some of the various styles of bars that exist worldwide. Choose a cocktail bar if you're eager to experience various cocktail types. If you enjoy sports, a sports bar would be an excellent choice. If you want to sit back and unwind, we recommend visiting a dive bar.

Therefore, there are many bars accessible depending on your changing needs. You should visit each of the eight types of bars on our list at least once during your lifetime.

These locations will provide a unique bar experience and slightly alter your everyday routine. 

So what are you still holding out for? Get ready and begin exploring.

Also, if you are a bar owner and want to try on some different types of bars to satisfy your customers, this guide will help you!

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