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Things to Consider While Choosing the Best POS For Your Liquor Store

Published Jan 05, 2022 Retail
Things to Consider While Choosing the Best POS For Your Liquor Store
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“Quick Summary” Running a liquor store is no less challenging than running a casino. Keeping your clients happy is essential, but you also have to look out for external factors that could hamper your business.

You may experience many challenges like theft, pilferage, managing inventory, stocking, etc. Managing your store’s day-to-day operations while serving customers is an uphill task even without these challenges.

The global market size of alcoholic beverages amounted to over 1.49 trillion U.S dollars. It is estimated that by the end of 2025, the global market size of alcoholic beverages will exceed over 2.2 trillion U.S dollars.

As seen above, the demand for alcoholic beverages will not die anytime soon. Hence, if you want to run a successful business, you need to invest in a customized POS for your liquor store. Relying on handwritten receipts or an ordinary cash register is not a good move.

A customized liquor POS system perfectly integrates hardware and software, enabling business owners to modernize, optimize, and streamline their checkout process for employees and customers. Not only that, the POS systems come with a set of useful tools.

For quick and efficient checkouts, you need an all-in-one POS system. The package consists of a register terminal screen, a customer-facing screen, cash-register drawer, barcode scanner, card reader, and receipt printer. No need to separately buy each one of them.

How do you choose the best POS for your liquor store with so many POS systems in the market? You need to ask yourself a few questions. What are those questions? Let us dive into the details.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself While Choosing a Liquor Store POS Software

1. Number of Locations

How many stores do you manage? If you manage multiple locations or plan to open up a new store in the future, you need a liquor POS system that can manage the increased workload.

With the increased number of customers at each location, you also need to consider vast amounts of data. To effectively synchronize data and streamline workflow across all locations, you need a liquor store POS.

Imagine your employees entering the data manually, compiling it, checking its accuracy, and integrating data from various branches. It would become so labor-intensive and cumbersome that they won’t have time to focus on other productive activities. 

A liquor store POS system can execute the above tasks effortlessly, allowing employees to focus on other activities.

2. Remote Access

Are you confident that your liquor store will run smoothly in your absence? In addition to keeping an eye on your employees, you also need to control theft/pilferage and manage stock/inventory at your liquor store.

A cloud-POS system would be ideal in this case because the data will be stored on the cloud and not on a hard drive. Whether you are at home or out of town, you can access your POS through an app on your smartphone. Furthermore, you can also input data or make changes, depending on your business requirements.

3. Analyze Your Budget

Depending on the size of a liquor store, the number of locations, neighborhood, customer base, and other factors, the POS budget may vary accordingly. It is important not to overspend, but at the same time, you need to have a clear understanding of what your business requires to operate successfully. 

You can postpone the purchase of a POS system but not ignore it. Thinking of a liquor store POS system as an unwanted investment might cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

There is no such thing as the best POS system for a liquor store. Even within the liquor/bar industry, establishments have different requirements. The best POS system for your business is the one that satisfies your unique needs.

A custom liquor store POS can help your business succeed by increasing revenue, sales and delivering an optimal customer experience. At first, it may seem like a huge investment, but the results will speak for themselves.

Nevertheless, budget constraints are real; you can’t deny that. An excellent solution for small and upcoming businesses is to invest in a cloud-POS because it requires a lower upfront cost while availing monthly/yearly support from the POS company.

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4. Payment Modes

Do you expect your customers to pay only in cash? Well, my friend, you will turn away many customers with this approach. In 2021, plastic payment and digital payment options have taken over the market, especially after the pandemic.

Wallet payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay are popular with youngsters and older folks alike. By 2025, the total transaction value of digital payments is expected to grow at the rate of 12.24% to reach US$10,715,390 million.

After reading the above statistics, would you still want to ignore digital payment options? Choose a liquor POS system that can handle cash, plastic payment options, digital payment modes, and others. It increases the ease of doing business and keeps customers happy.

5. Customer-facing Screen

Regular liquor POS systems have a register terminal, but they may not have a customer-facing screen. When you take the customer’s order, he will view details like price, quantity, etc. 

Apart from keeping him engaged during the process, displaying the order details on the customer-facing terminal shows that your establishment observes transparency while conducting business transactions.

Bonus tip - Display details of store promotions, discounts, special offers, etc., on the screen. It will capture customer attention and encourage them to interact more with your brand.


Choosing the best POS system for your liquor store requires detailed research and understanding of the local market. You also need to consider present requirements and future business demands.

When you find the right POS system for your liquor store, don’t hesitate to invest because it will pay off in the long run. Understand that a liquor POS system is more than just a cash register. It allows you to perform a broad spectrum of functions like inventory management, loyalty management, ensuring data security, reporting, and much more.

Today’s investment will reap gold in the future. Not just sales and revenue, a liquor POS system boosts productivity, saves time and money, allowing employees to focus on other tasks. 

Unlock the key to limitless business growth and exceptional customer service by investing in a liquor POS system. Need specialized guidance or cannot find the right POS system for your liquor store? Call us on (346) 767-6884 or drop in an email at [email protected].