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Tablet POS Systems: The Benefits of Android POS Hardware

Published Aug 05, 2022 Business
The benefits of Android POS hardware
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“Quick Summary” As anyone who's ever been in a store can tell you, the days of bulky, expensive POS hardware are numbered. In their place are sleek, powerful, and affordable tablet POS systems running on Android.

Android-based tablet POS systems have become increasingly popular in the retail and hospitality industries. Android POS hardware is more affordable than traditional POS hardware and offers several features and benefits ideal for businesses in these industries.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the key benefits of Android POS hardware.

4 Major Benefits of Android POS Hardware

It is the most widely used mobile operating system with extensive developer support. This means there are likely to be more Android POS hardware devices available, making it easier to find one that meets your needs. Here are four major benefits:

Find Your Ideal Foodservice Solutions

Android tablet POS hardware is the ideal solution for businesses in the food service industry. Android tablets offer several features and benefits that are perfect for businesses in this industry. For example, Android tablets are more rugged and durable than traditional POS hardware.

They're also more likely to be equipped with features that are important for businesses in the food service industry, Such as setting up QR code POS system for your restaurant.

Another big benefit of Android POS hardware is its scalability. Unlike traditional POS systems, which are often limited to a single register, you can scale Android tablet POS systems to accommodate multiple registers.

Enhanced Restaurant Customization

Android is a very versatile platform, allowing for a wide range of features and customization options. This makes it ideal for businesses that want to tailor their POS hardware to their specific needs. With Android, you can install specific apps and software to streamline your restaurant's operations. 

For example, if you want to use a particular inventory management app or software, you can install it on your Android point of sale hardware. This level of customization is not possible with traditional POS hardware.

This is especially beneficial for restaurants, as they can use Android POS hardware to tailor the POS system to their specific needs. Restaurants can use Android POS hardware to create custom menus, track inventory levels, and manage customer loyalty programs.

Android-based tablet POS systems also offer several features specifically designed for the hospitality industry, such as accepting payments via NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR (Quick Response) codes.

Cost Savings for Restaurant Owners

Android devices tend to be less expensive than other types of POS hardware, making them a great option for businesses on a budget. Another advantage of Android OS is that it's a free and open source platform, so restaurants don't have to pay upfront for an expensive tablet point-of-sale system. 

The only major expense for setting up a complete Android-based tablet POS system is the purchase price of the tablet device (which can be had for less than $500). By comparison, Windows-based tablet computers tend to start around $1,000 and quickly climb up in cost based on the model/specifications chosen by the end user.

Android has a basic setup process with many easy-to-understand options. It's easier to install and implement and is found in restaurants today. While it may not cost as much as implementing a Windows system from Microsoft or buying Apple products, you should still consider your needs.

Since many restaurant owners don't want to spend time managing their systems, they often hire someone else to manage them and maintain operations at their locations. This also allows restaurant owners to save quite a hundred bucks!

Less Risk

You can set Android POS hardware OR PC terminal systems OR Touch screen terminals to restaurant point of sale mode: where the rule is that only the “Cooking” and “Serving” software (apps) run on the POS system. Thus, restricting access to websites, emails, or gaming apps; limiting staff distractions or misuse of information.

This ensures complete security in terms of payment methods accepted as well: instead of magnetic strips, which are easily copied & reused, accepting EMV-based transactions alone with data encrypted for that further step in security compliance & fraud prevention. 

With fewer distractions and more time spent serving your customers quicker – you will have saved yourself time and money!

Because Android is a more open platform than iOS, there is less risk involved in using Android POS hardware. With iOS, businesses are locked into using Apple's proprietary hardware and software. 

If anything were to happen to Apple, businesses would be left without a POS system. On the other hand, many manufacturers use Android as an open platform. If one manufacturer goes out of business, you have plenty of others to choose from.

Final Words

While there are many different types of tablet POS systems on the market, Android POS tablet hardware has several advantages:

  1. Android tablets are more affordable than other types of tablet POS systems.
  2. Android tablets are more versatile and can be used for various applications.
  3. Android tablets are easier to use and more user-friendly than other tablet POS systems. 

Consider OVVI’s Android POS hardware if you have plans to invest in a tablet-based POS system for your business. Gaining higher profits with low expenditure yet maximizing productivity are OVVI’s way of skyrocketing your retail business. Go ahead and book your Android POS hardware today.